Macrus Award Slut

Macrus Award Slut

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

V-Chip madness

My hubbie made me laugh already this morning. Usually it takes a little bit to but not today. In the morning rather than trying to figure out what is happening in the world he loves to watch JAG. You know that show about the military lawyers.

Anyway, he took the boy to school and came running back in about 7:45. I was looking at the Bar and he asked if I was watching the TV. I can multitask so hell yeah I watching. He took off upstairs turning the kids tv to JAG. Less than 5 minutes later he comes back down pissed. I looked at him and asked what was wrong. "Stupid v-chip wont let me watch. Why in the hell did we get that in a tv?"

Ok I laughed. I couldnt help it. He just proved why we have the kids tv with a v-chip in it. They dont need to see some of the crap on. I dont need them to be strippers until much later in life. Actually I dont want her to be it at all but you just never know what life will throw at my kids.

I am trying to make sure that my kids know what is riht and what is wrong. I have a lot of examples around me about how to do it right and what it looks like wrong. So many people just seem to give up when things start getting rough. I keep plugging away and tell my kids to do the same. Our family rule is that you never give up. No matter what, you never do.

Some parnets look at me and you can read the disapproval in their eyes. Why do they think I am being hard on my kids? I think I am doing fine screwing them up my way. Liz has really taken the lesson to heart. I dont even have to tell her the rule anymore. I just ask her what we dont do. She answers and gets back in there and does it. Makes me feel great when she does get whatever she thought of was hard.

So lesson today is the v-chip works. Teach your kids good lessons. Oh and laugh at your hubbie or whoever you love as much as possible. It makes things better. But hey that is just my 2 cents.