Macrus Award Slut

Macrus Award Slut

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Come on Kid

Yeah I still knocked up. No popping yet. Everyday expects me not to show up at the softball game. They all expect to get a phone call saying sorry having a baby. To bad my kids all come late. Thank god my doctor already has said that we will not let this kid go that long. I almost kissed him when he said that.

My hubbie has told me I am on maternity leave. It seems I am a little short tempered with well everyone. I thought I was doing a great job at keeping my hormornes in check but guess not. I only blow up at him. I do not let all my anger out at people that are to stupid to do what I told them to.

So I am super bored and have already taken a nap. I have only been on it for 2 days but this sucks. I am not a person that likes to sit still for long. I gotta be doing something or I will go nuts. That is why I agreed to drive a bus up to Branson tomorrow for the band.

I have already heard it from the hubbie so no one else is allowed to bitch at me. I am not even close to popping, doc said so. Why cant I try and make some extra money that the family needs? We are about to have an extra mouth to feed, cloth, and take care of. I figure we need all the money coming in that we can.

Sounds like we are going to Silver Dollar City. The place is expense to get into but it has a bunch of stuff. Most folks buy a 3 day pass just so they can do and see everything. Only bad part for me right now is the place is on a hill. Shit that is going to suck for me trying to walk around.

I am thinking that I could use this to try to help the baby out though. Go on a couple rollar coasters, walk all over and than go on that one thing that takes off straight up into the air. Yeah if that dont make the baby come out nothing will. Oh I forgot, I am not stupid. I dont ride that stuff anyway. Guess I will just have to wait for natural, painful, screaming in agony child birth. Oh joy.


rxvenomqueen said...

Oooh! I know some ways to get you to pop that baby out! I heard SEX, believe it or not, can trigger labor. That and foot massages! Yes! Foot massages! There are certain pressure points on the feet that have an effect on certain areas of the body. So go ahead! Have an all-day sex day and in between those steamy moments, get those feet massaged!

Winter said...

The orgasmic contractions are supposed to do it. Otherwise bribe the doc to give you Petocin. They used that to try to jump start me. It didn't work but I was way early too. They ended up inducing labor by putting some cream on my cervix to thin it. Good luck with the sex thing! ;)

MaryO said...

Tried the sex thing. Nothing. Yes he did it right to. Plus I have him rub my feet all the time.
Both kids before were 2 weeks late. Been down this road plenty. Not actually due till Thursday so we will see.