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Macrus Award Slut

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

My team, god what characters

I have been helping coach the high school softball team since last year. Last year's team had the wrong kind of attitude that killed their talent. I still thought they were great kids but just didnt live up to their potential.

Now this year's is something different. They have the right building blocks to be a great team. The seniors keep it positive but not always. The charter part comes from how easygoing they are. How else can I explain one of them mooning me with her pink thong?

Our record shows that we can win but not always. Last night is a prime example of that. The team we played was well WOW. Their pitcher alone is one of those girls who really dont want to face. When she can throw a 60 mph fastball at ya, you really dont want to get hit.

Our girls went in there and tried to hit it but well we only had 2 hits to show for it. She had a wicked change up that made my eyes bug. Yeah we tried to pick up on her little things she did but how can you when it is the coach calling it? I was impressed by them and just hope that next year they wont kill us as bad.

We did better than the year before so I see that silver lining. We just have to get them to keep pushing to be better. Keep pushing to have the right attitude. Keep finding that killer attitude that you need to play ball. I know the young players have it but just dont push it.

I know that sounds like a lot of pressure to put on high school freshman but it is the way you have to do things. I had it and never doubted that I should have it. That is just the way it was done at my high school. If you were on a team than you had a high standard to go for.

I think that is a good thing to have though. After you leave high school you have to have that self determination to do your best. Why not help them find that little part of them inside that will do that? I can yell at them one minute than talk to them just like I would any other person and make sure they understand why.

Maybe if we all pushed ourselves a little more than alot of the problems we have right now wouldnt be a problem. I want my kids to push themselves and never settle for anything but the best. I am not only talking about the kids that i have but also those that I sort of "adopt" from my teams. Push your self to be more than average. Demand more from yourself. That is what I try to teach those girls with character everyday.


Winter said...

HOLY CRAP! You changed your template! I know exactly jack about softball. The only soft balls I know about are... oh. Uh. Sorry. Ahem. Hey, your blog looks different! Good on ya! ;)

rxvenomqueen said...

You know, I've noticed the younger generations seem to be giving up more and more. Like they just don't want to give it their all anymore and don't take pride in what they do. Makes me wonder what's going to happen to me when I'm in a nursing home and crapped my Depends. Ruh roh...I hope I'm not waddling all over the place with a dirty adult diaper on for too long LOL!
As far as Softball goes...I haven't a single clue how it works. I only know someone throws a ball, someone hits the ball, and someone runs around like they've got a swarm of bees after their ass!