Macrus Award Slut

Macrus Award Slut

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Weekend of Joy

Saturday morning and I was up at 7. I sit here and think wow that is sleeping in for a mom of 2. Plus considering I woke up 4 times last night to go bathroom. That is more than normal so maybe I will have this kid soon.

On top of wondering if I am going to have a kid soon, I also have to worry about my sister's house. She lives just right off the White River. I love her place and plan on renewing my vows in her backyard with the river behind me. Right now I wonder if it will be flooded out. With all the rain we have gotten our lake is really really full.

I have never seen it this full, ever. Flood level is 695 feet and we are at 692. That alot of water in a really big ass lake. They were talking about opening up the flood gates on Bull Shoals Damn. So I meet up with my mom and stepdad at the vistors center overlooking the damn. We waited for 2 hours!!

Nothing happened cause they decided that 8 genators running just might do it rather than opening the flood gates. In other words we are going to make money and not just let the water out. Imagine that, the government trying to make money. Only thing I worried about is that they will change their minds and give us only a hour to get down there and get the important papers and of course my sister's shoes.

This picture is of Norkfork Damn with all 12 floodgates open. That is alot of water coming out. Bull Shoals has even more and they were only talking about opening up 4 of them.

That is the part of yesterday that cracked us up. My sister tells us to get the 3 file cabinets that have all the important papers in them. Check, can do. Than grab her shoes and underwear. HUH?? Wouldnt you rather have your picture ablums and all your clothes? I dont know how about the huge ass plasma TV you just bought? No grab her shoes and underwear.

I just dont know how to take my sister sometimes. I mean I love her but if my house was going to be flooded I would want my pictures and of course the important papers first. Than I would try get my clothes and after that well whatever I grabbed. I guess I just think of the stuff that is important to me. Maybe her shoes are that important. I question the underwear thing but I wear regular ole white ones so who am I to question her.

Now I sit here and wonder if I am going to have to go and save the precious underwear. If I do dont think I am not going to make fun of her for it. If I could I would be waiting at the airport with a hand full of them and just yell at her. "CHIRSTY, I SAVED YOUR UNDERWEAR!!!!" Wouldnt that be fun to do?


Winter said...

Shoes I get. Underwear? I'm scratching my head over that.