Macrus Award Slut

Macrus Award Slut

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Had the baby

Yeah that be the Mac baby. He cute huh? It feels weird having him beside me instead of in me. I used to have to calm him down so i could type. Now I have to make sure the binkie says in his mouth. Heck of a change.

Let me tell ya this baby is the one that if I wasnt getting fixed before I sure would now. Never again would I go through that. You couldnt pay me enough to either. We started out at 4 wednesday morning. Yeah I was actually awake that early. My mom was with me and had coffee going. I was in my room with that wonderful stupid gown on before 430.

My bigggest complaint at that time was how with all our wonderful medical advances can we not get a gown that is more comfortable. I dont know about you but I really dont want all the world to see my ass unless I want them to. That gown leaves no room for you to even try to keep it covered. Not like it makes that much of a differnce when you are getting checked out.

So anyway I am all hooked up to the stuff that gets you started. My mom is sitting there with me and we are just chilling out. Watching the news and talking. Things are starting to happen slowly so I am not really worried about anything yet. Hubbie was taking the kids to school. Once he showed up for some reason that is when the pain really kicked in. Does that sound funny to you to?

Thank god the doc came in when they really started to get bad. Plus Derek was really hating how much I was tweaking the hell out of his thumb. Poor guy, like i care. Problems started after he gave me pain shot though. The little guy's blood pressure started to drop low. The doc was of course worried but I told him no problems. I at least knew what was happening.

Little Mac started to work with us and everything was fine. Mainly as long as I stayed on my right side. Yeah I was worried but if these folks that had spent tons of money on getting the education to get this done right were right there watching me the whole time. I just kept breathing through it and holding onto Derek's hand.

Then the real pain kicked in. Oh wow, it sucked big time. Breathing was fine but I wanted my epidural. Dont think I didnt get it either once I started calling for it. I of course didnt kill him but I made sure he knew I was in real pain. Once I got that I relaxed majorly. Easy to do when you cant feel your lower half. Derek was happy about it to.

That is when the problem really got bad though. His pressure started going down and wouldnt come up. You could feel the tension just skyrocket among the doc and nurse. I knew what was happening then it was what came next that sucked.

I was rushed into the OR to get a c-section. I have never been more scared in my life. I just wanted to know more of what was happening. I can not deal with it if I dont know. One moment I was relaxing in the room the next I was spread out on a table getting asked if I felt sleepy and to just keep breathing the O2.

I was knocked out not to much after I asked what was happening. The nurse looked at me and told me not to worry everything would be fine. Ok I have been on drugs for awhile so somebody tell me how the hell I am supposed to know what is going on? The last thing I remember is her squeezing my hand and rubbing my head. Oh and me crying. I was scared shitless. Who wouldnt be?

I am told I was knocked out about 2 hours. All I can tell ya is I woke up and felt colder. Seems my little guy is a hell of a heater. They let my hubbie into the recovery room even though they werent supposed to. He told me exactly why I was operated on. It seems his cord had gotten wrapped around his poor little neck. No wonder I was rushed in there.

Now everything is fine and I have a very healthy eater on my hands. He is actually squeaking at me to feed him again. Only on a 2 hour roatation. My poor boobs are killing me. So I will leave you with one of the photos of my new kid I really like. Mac a winking at all you hotties.


Winter said...

I'm glad everything and everyone is okay! He's impossibly cute! I redid the baby stuff at the Bar store just for him. As soon as I'm out of this hole I dug for myself (with help from my kid oy!) I will be sending him his Bar clothes. Meanwhile, give him a MUAH from me!