Macrus Award Slut

Macrus Award Slut

Friday, April 4, 2008

Close to the end??

I know I havent been on the computer in a few days. I havent been feeling well and basically was sleeping alot. Been taking 2 or 3 naps a day on top of as much sleep I can get at night. It seems I am at the end of the thing called pregancy.

Today while I still feel like a whale, I dont really feel that tired. I know I will still take a nap today but right now I feel good. Best I have felt in awhile actually. I even used the energy to pack bags not only for me but also for the kids.

We talked to Liz and Josh this morning to make sure everyone knows their jobs. Liz grabs their overnight bag, toothbrushes, and brushes. Josh grabs the bag with toys and books in it. I have the bag for me and the baby packed. Yeah we as ready as we can be. TO bad Derek is going to be at National Guard this weekend.

What a hell of a time for him to have to serve his country huh?? He has to be there though so there is no way he can talk his way out of it. I understand why he does it. I have been there before and missed things that I wish I wouldnt have. We have cell phones and I know he will burn up the minutes this weekend. Derek is only going to be 3 hours away though so hey he can make it back, right??

I will go see my mom tonight and make sure she will actually answer her phone this weekend. Looks like she just turned into the number one coach until Derek gets there. I have got to remember not to hit her. I am pretty sure that she would hit me back and wouldnt that make for a beatiful first picture with my new little man.

My sister of course wants to be there to so this might get intersting. Especially considering she is talking about going to Branson to shop. Well there is my number 2 coach gone. Funny how this weekend might get real intersting real quick. Wonder if little sis can talk her way out of whatever ticket she will get trying to get back?

So if I am not on next week than we will all know what happened. You cheap bitches better get those baby presents to me too. I am registered at Wal-Mart online and here is a site that has something I really would like:{2BE7BE72-ADAD-4FC1-AA09-E26EVERESTA8C449EB7}&ic=M3827%2D6MO&eq=&Tp=

I know you will buy me something funny. You bitches are the funniest folks I know.


Winter said...

Oh, I have something planned. Never you fear, Mary. Heh heh.

rxvenomqueen said...

I've got a little something up my sleeve as well. Mwuahahaha. Maybe I should send something with green plaid...