Macrus Award Slut

Macrus Award Slut

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

V-Chip madness

My hubbie made me laugh already this morning. Usually it takes a little bit to but not today. In the morning rather than trying to figure out what is happening in the world he loves to watch JAG. You know that show about the military lawyers.

Anyway, he took the boy to school and came running back in about 7:45. I was looking at the Bar and he asked if I was watching the TV. I can multitask so hell yeah I watching. He took off upstairs turning the kids tv to JAG. Less than 5 minutes later he comes back down pissed. I looked at him and asked what was wrong. "Stupid v-chip wont let me watch. Why in the hell did we get that in a tv?"

Ok I laughed. I couldnt help it. He just proved why we have the kids tv with a v-chip in it. They dont need to see some of the crap on. I dont need them to be strippers until much later in life. Actually I dont want her to be it at all but you just never know what life will throw at my kids.

I am trying to make sure that my kids know what is riht and what is wrong. I have a lot of examples around me about how to do it right and what it looks like wrong. So many people just seem to give up when things start getting rough. I keep plugging away and tell my kids to do the same. Our family rule is that you never give up. No matter what, you never do.

Some parnets look at me and you can read the disapproval in their eyes. Why do they think I am being hard on my kids? I think I am doing fine screwing them up my way. Liz has really taken the lesson to heart. I dont even have to tell her the rule anymore. I just ask her what we dont do. She answers and gets back in there and does it. Makes me feel great when she does get whatever she thought of was hard.

So lesson today is the v-chip works. Teach your kids good lessons. Oh and laugh at your hubbie or whoever you love as much as possible. It makes things better. But hey that is just my 2 cents.

Friday, April 25, 2008

I hurting!!

Today is just not my day. Actually last night was when it all started. All I was trying to do was come down my stairs and get a drink. Next thing I know I am sliding down them like I was trying to steal 3rd.

It was not on my belly so dont freak out. I guess my foot just slipped and next thing I know down I go. I tried to grab onto the rail but my hand just slid right down that sucker. My right leg bent back and slammed down on the steps. So my right knee and ankle are now both swollen. IT hurts to even move the suckers.

My right knee is already messed up from all the softball I have played so this was something not needed. I should have had it repaired a couple years ago but without insurance there is just no way I can afford to. A couple thousand dollars just to get it looked at and told yep it screwed up. No shit sherlock, that is why I came to see you.

Worst part is when I had to get up to go pee in the night. With a big kid on my bladder I have to use the potty more than once during the night. It hurt just to put my foot off the bed. Needless to say I did get up but wow it took a little bit.

Funniest part was my daughter got up early this morning so she could catch the bus and came in there to make sure I was ok. I was working on getting up so I could yet again go to the potty and had yelped. I told her what happened and of course she had to check out the knee. After getting my get better kiss, I tried to get up again. OOOOWWWW!!! She looked at me with all seriousness and said, "Mom you got to get up. I can not bring the potty to you. That is just gross."

Yeah I laughed. What else can you do. I agreed with her and got up. The only thing I can think of is well there goes my retirement. Guess I am on my own once I hit that age where I need her to help me out. I am thinking that I better push them a little harder in school so they can get really really good jobs and take care of my old ass. If not boy I am going to be a super nasty ass senior.

Now that i have something to look forward to in my old age, I have to go potty, again. I really can not wait until I have this kid. I am sick of getting up and going potty every hour on the hour. Instead I want to get up every 2 hours and change a nasty baby ass and feed him. Boy isnt my life something to be jealous of.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Another day, still have the belly

Yeah still have not popped. I am techinally due tomorrow but I was hoping for a early baby. Is it honestly to much to ask for? Not like I havent done this 2 other times. I could have so been happy about a baby that actually came a little early. Better than giving him all this time to get to that 10 pound mark.

I have to say something that has been bugging the crap out of me. I watch the morning news program and I swear at least 2 times a week they would have a story about what pregant woman should not do. Ok thanks for the heads up but little advice, have a chick go on there and tell us.

I do not want some old or young GUY tell me not to drink more than so many ounces of this or that. HELLO, it is a guy telling a WOMAN not to do something. If a guy would have left me alone when I told him to, I wouldnt be in this position like I didnt want to be. See my point?

I do not want some body with a dick bewteen their legs telling me what to do. You are not the one that has to go through ankles swelling, cramps, pratice contractions, the real contractions, strech marks, not being able to bend over, your ass getting bigger, and to top it all off the basic ripping apart of your va-va. Yeah I really want to hear from a MALE not to do something that makes me happy. Do the words FUCK OFF mean anything?

Yes I have alot of aggression right now. I cant ride my bike and it has been so nice. Plus, gas prices are so high I would be more than happy to ride my bike to go do the little things. Full tank of gas in my Blazer is costing me $50. My bike would like $10. Hell of a difference.

I cant really play softball and there was a tourney this past weekend to. Guess I was the talk of the tourney to. They are so used to seeing me at all the tourney's that when I dont show people wonder. I wish I could have been there to. Had some people I knew that wanted me to play with their team. They have been the best team the last coupel years running so I was super pumped to be asked to play with them to. Stupid belly.

I feel better now that I have ranted and raved. Please all pray or just cross your fingers for me. I really want to have this kid and soon.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Come on Kid

Yeah I still knocked up. No popping yet. Everyday expects me not to show up at the softball game. They all expect to get a phone call saying sorry having a baby. To bad my kids all come late. Thank god my doctor already has said that we will not let this kid go that long. I almost kissed him when he said that.

My hubbie has told me I am on maternity leave. It seems I am a little short tempered with well everyone. I thought I was doing a great job at keeping my hormornes in check but guess not. I only blow up at him. I do not let all my anger out at people that are to stupid to do what I told them to.

So I am super bored and have already taken a nap. I have only been on it for 2 days but this sucks. I am not a person that likes to sit still for long. I gotta be doing something or I will go nuts. That is why I agreed to drive a bus up to Branson tomorrow for the band.

I have already heard it from the hubbie so no one else is allowed to bitch at me. I am not even close to popping, doc said so. Why cant I try and make some extra money that the family needs? We are about to have an extra mouth to feed, cloth, and take care of. I figure we need all the money coming in that we can.

Sounds like we are going to Silver Dollar City. The place is expense to get into but it has a bunch of stuff. Most folks buy a 3 day pass just so they can do and see everything. Only bad part for me right now is the place is on a hill. Shit that is going to suck for me trying to walk around.

I am thinking that I could use this to try to help the baby out though. Go on a couple rollar coasters, walk all over and than go on that one thing that takes off straight up into the air. Yeah if that dont make the baby come out nothing will. Oh I forgot, I am not stupid. I dont ride that stuff anyway. Guess I will just have to wait for natural, painful, screaming in agony child birth. Oh joy.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Have a shot!

I can not wait to hear that again. I especially cant wait for me to say ok and down it. I know that sounds like I am an acholoic but honestly why cant a person just want a drink? I bring this up cause of the new video of Hillary.

Does this humanize her? Hell yes it does. Does it change my view of her? Hell yes it does. How can it not? She has been like the evil witch this whole election year. She is even looked upon around here, as the woman that is to good for us Arkies. Didnt exactly hurt my feelings when she changed her state. No big loss.

From then on I always thought she was just some chick that had to move the the "big city" to feel comfortable. I will say it right now, we dont have huge cities here but Little Rock is nothing to sneeze at. Plenty of folks but you can still get that hometown feel. How is that bad?

Now that she is running for the one position that scares me I wonder if she really is that down to earth. Did I maybe rush to judgement cause of her snubbing of my home state? Yeah proably did. Not proud of it cause I really try not to but this time I did. Now I better put those thoughts aside and try to see what exactly she is about.

We all should. I can understand waiting to see who exactly will be the democratic winner but why not see what they are about right now. My hubbie is a die hard republician so I am going to have to really watch out for him putting his 2 cents into it. This is the only time where I really dont enjoy being around him.

Guess I better start watching CNN or Fox and start to get to know the folks that want to run the world. If not I'll pull another stupid and vote for someone that is an idiot. Just what we need someone else in the white house that doesnt know snot about the public.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Weekend of Joy

Saturday morning and I was up at 7. I sit here and think wow that is sleeping in for a mom of 2. Plus considering I woke up 4 times last night to go bathroom. That is more than normal so maybe I will have this kid soon.

On top of wondering if I am going to have a kid soon, I also have to worry about my sister's house. She lives just right off the White River. I love her place and plan on renewing my vows in her backyard with the river behind me. Right now I wonder if it will be flooded out. With all the rain we have gotten our lake is really really full.

I have never seen it this full, ever. Flood level is 695 feet and we are at 692. That alot of water in a really big ass lake. They were talking about opening up the flood gates on Bull Shoals Damn. So I meet up with my mom and stepdad at the vistors center overlooking the damn. We waited for 2 hours!!

Nothing happened cause they decided that 8 genators running just might do it rather than opening the flood gates. In other words we are going to make money and not just let the water out. Imagine that, the government trying to make money. Only thing I worried about is that they will change their minds and give us only a hour to get down there and get the important papers and of course my sister's shoes.

This picture is of Norkfork Damn with all 12 floodgates open. That is alot of water coming out. Bull Shoals has even more and they were only talking about opening up 4 of them.

That is the part of yesterday that cracked us up. My sister tells us to get the 3 file cabinets that have all the important papers in them. Check, can do. Than grab her shoes and underwear. HUH?? Wouldnt you rather have your picture ablums and all your clothes? I dont know how about the huge ass plasma TV you just bought? No grab her shoes and underwear.

I just dont know how to take my sister sometimes. I mean I love her but if my house was going to be flooded I would want my pictures and of course the important papers first. Than I would try get my clothes and after that well whatever I grabbed. I guess I just think of the stuff that is important to me. Maybe her shoes are that important. I question the underwear thing but I wear regular ole white ones so who am I to question her.

Now I sit here and wonder if I am going to have to go and save the precious underwear. If I do dont think I am not going to make fun of her for it. If I could I would be waiting at the airport with a hand full of them and just yell at her. "CHIRSTY, I SAVED YOUR UNDERWEAR!!!!" Wouldnt that be fun to do?

Thursday, April 10, 2008


Not much is happening in my world but I thought why not write something anyway. Never know when I will go into the hospital. I know I would love for it to happen like now but my luck sucks so that aint happening.

One of our fav TV shows, at least in this house, is coming back next week. Deadliest Catch is coming back with those same old salty captains that make me laugh. Sig on the Northwestern is just a funny guy. Yeah proably wouldnt think it if I worked for him but that is the best part of reality TV.

Come next Tuesday my hubbie will be home looking for it. For the last 2 weeks he has come home from dance class with Liz asking the same question. Is it on? How many times does a person have to say that it comes on the 15th? Swear if I didnt love him so much I would make sure he missed it.

I am going to make this a short post cause the kid is kicking the crap out of me. Funny how he was calm until I started typing. Swear me keeping my laptop on my lap is not a good idea right now. He really hates this.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

My team, god what characters

I have been helping coach the high school softball team since last year. Last year's team had the wrong kind of attitude that killed their talent. I still thought they were great kids but just didnt live up to their potential.

Now this year's is something different. They have the right building blocks to be a great team. The seniors keep it positive but not always. The charter part comes from how easygoing they are. How else can I explain one of them mooning me with her pink thong?

Our record shows that we can win but not always. Last night is a prime example of that. The team we played was well WOW. Their pitcher alone is one of those girls who really dont want to face. When she can throw a 60 mph fastball at ya, you really dont want to get hit.

Our girls went in there and tried to hit it but well we only had 2 hits to show for it. She had a wicked change up that made my eyes bug. Yeah we tried to pick up on her little things she did but how can you when it is the coach calling it? I was impressed by them and just hope that next year they wont kill us as bad.

We did better than the year before so I see that silver lining. We just have to get them to keep pushing to be better. Keep pushing to have the right attitude. Keep finding that killer attitude that you need to play ball. I know the young players have it but just dont push it.

I know that sounds like a lot of pressure to put on high school freshman but it is the way you have to do things. I had it and never doubted that I should have it. That is just the way it was done at my high school. If you were on a team than you had a high standard to go for.

I think that is a good thing to have though. After you leave high school you have to have that self determination to do your best. Why not help them find that little part of them inside that will do that? I can yell at them one minute than talk to them just like I would any other person and make sure they understand why.

Maybe if we all pushed ourselves a little more than alot of the problems we have right now wouldnt be a problem. I want my kids to push themselves and never settle for anything but the best. I am not only talking about the kids that i have but also those that I sort of "adopt" from my teams. Push your self to be more than average. Demand more from yourself. That is what I try to teach those girls with character everyday.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Close to the end??

I know I havent been on the computer in a few days. I havent been feeling well and basically was sleeping alot. Been taking 2 or 3 naps a day on top of as much sleep I can get at night. It seems I am at the end of the thing called pregancy.

Today while I still feel like a whale, I dont really feel that tired. I know I will still take a nap today but right now I feel good. Best I have felt in awhile actually. I even used the energy to pack bags not only for me but also for the kids.

We talked to Liz and Josh this morning to make sure everyone knows their jobs. Liz grabs their overnight bag, toothbrushes, and brushes. Josh grabs the bag with toys and books in it. I have the bag for me and the baby packed. Yeah we as ready as we can be. TO bad Derek is going to be at National Guard this weekend.

What a hell of a time for him to have to serve his country huh?? He has to be there though so there is no way he can talk his way out of it. I understand why he does it. I have been there before and missed things that I wish I wouldnt have. We have cell phones and I know he will burn up the minutes this weekend. Derek is only going to be 3 hours away though so hey he can make it back, right??

I will go see my mom tonight and make sure she will actually answer her phone this weekend. Looks like she just turned into the number one coach until Derek gets there. I have got to remember not to hit her. I am pretty sure that she would hit me back and wouldnt that make for a beatiful first picture with my new little man.

My sister of course wants to be there to so this might get intersting. Especially considering she is talking about going to Branson to shop. Well there is my number 2 coach gone. Funny how this weekend might get real intersting real quick. Wonder if little sis can talk her way out of whatever ticket she will get trying to get back?

So if I am not on next week than we will all know what happened. You cheap bitches better get those baby presents to me too. I am registered at Wal-Mart online and here is a site that has something I really would like:{2BE7BE72-ADAD-4FC1-AA09-E26EVERESTA8C449EB7}&ic=M3827%2D6MO&eq=&Tp=

I know you will buy me something funny. You bitches are the funniest folks I know.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Killer Cat

I have had a action packed morning already. My boy had a little accident at school so we had to run some clothes to him. After that I have been catching up on my paperwork and doing the never ending chore of laundry.

While all this was going on my cat was outside trying to act like he is all big and bad. First off let me describe my furball. Einstein is his name but that to me is a freaking joke. Smartest cat in the world?? I think not!!! He falls off of windowsills. Jumps into places that he shouldnt and knows he shouldnt cause he has done it before. Best thing is he just doesnt have any common sense.

I love my cat. He has been my buddy ever since I got him and is a huge lover. Always coming up to me when he knows I need a little extra love. Actually always coming up to me when he wants love is more like it but it calms me down. He even snuggles with me when it is time to go to sleep. Yes my furball knows when bedtime is and he is a creature of habit.

Today though he tried to be a killer. We have a lot of bunny rabbits in our neighboorhood. We also have squirrels and deer to. We seem to have one rabbit family that lives real close to the apartments though. Last year momma rabbit dug a hole, which I always seem to find with my bad ankle. She would put her babies in there for safe keeping and go out and do momma rabbit things.

We found the bunnies last year and left them alone. You just can not mess with them at all or momma will smell our scent on them and not take them back. The baby bunnies were gone the next day and all was right with the world. This year she dug up a new hole, oh joy, and put her babies in there. It is right in front of a family with 3 boys apartment. I am just happy those boys have left them alone.

Tha is until this morning when Einstein decided to become a killer. There were 3 bunnies in there yesterday and only one left this morning. Stupid furball picked up the last bunny and tried to eat it, in front of my office!!! I heard this squealing noise and thought a baby bird had fallen out of a tree. No big happens all the time plus I was right in the middle of talking to a potential resident.

Than the mom that lives in the apartment that had the bunnies in front of it comes running in to tell me my cat is trying to eat the baby bunny. Oh what the fuck!!! I of course run outside cause well to be honest I am amazed my cat would do that. This is the same cat that runs away from the small spiders in my house. He will look at us like we have lost our minds when we tell him to get the spiders and ants. Now all of a sudden he wants to kill a bunny!!

Now I do love the cat but I couldnt let him eat a small defenseless baby bunny. I am not even that cold hearted. Yeah I will eat the hell out of some rabbit stew but those are rabbits that are grown just for that purpose. I am pretty sure that rabbit was not born for that purpose. At least not yet anyway, maybe a few more years than something will get it, but not today.

I actually threw rocks at my furball and got him to leave it alone long enough for us to get the bunny. The potential resident lives out on her mom's farm and said she could take the bunny out there and take care of it. That right there is proably what will save that little bunnies life. My cat was watching us with big eyes just waiting for us to drop it.

I am just amazed that my stupid furball would become a killer of something when I cant even get him to help kill spiders. Guess it just goes to show ya that you can ever know the true intent of something. At least not until something big happens.