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Macrus Award Slut

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Killer Cat

I have had a action packed morning already. My boy had a little accident at school so we had to run some clothes to him. After that I have been catching up on my paperwork and doing the never ending chore of laundry.

While all this was going on my cat was outside trying to act like he is all big and bad. First off let me describe my furball. Einstein is his name but that to me is a freaking joke. Smartest cat in the world?? I think not!!! He falls off of windowsills. Jumps into places that he shouldnt and knows he shouldnt cause he has done it before. Best thing is he just doesnt have any common sense.

I love my cat. He has been my buddy ever since I got him and is a huge lover. Always coming up to me when he knows I need a little extra love. Actually always coming up to me when he wants love is more like it but it calms me down. He even snuggles with me when it is time to go to sleep. Yes my furball knows when bedtime is and he is a creature of habit.

Today though he tried to be a killer. We have a lot of bunny rabbits in our neighboorhood. We also have squirrels and deer to. We seem to have one rabbit family that lives real close to the apartments though. Last year momma rabbit dug a hole, which I always seem to find with my bad ankle. She would put her babies in there for safe keeping and go out and do momma rabbit things.

We found the bunnies last year and left them alone. You just can not mess with them at all or momma will smell our scent on them and not take them back. The baby bunnies were gone the next day and all was right with the world. This year she dug up a new hole, oh joy, and put her babies in there. It is right in front of a family with 3 boys apartment. I am just happy those boys have left them alone.

Tha is until this morning when Einstein decided to become a killer. There were 3 bunnies in there yesterday and only one left this morning. Stupid furball picked up the last bunny and tried to eat it, in front of my office!!! I heard this squealing noise and thought a baby bird had fallen out of a tree. No big happens all the time plus I was right in the middle of talking to a potential resident.

Than the mom that lives in the apartment that had the bunnies in front of it comes running in to tell me my cat is trying to eat the baby bunny. Oh what the fuck!!! I of course run outside cause well to be honest I am amazed my cat would do that. This is the same cat that runs away from the small spiders in my house. He will look at us like we have lost our minds when we tell him to get the spiders and ants. Now all of a sudden he wants to kill a bunny!!

Now I do love the cat but I couldnt let him eat a small defenseless baby bunny. I am not even that cold hearted. Yeah I will eat the hell out of some rabbit stew but those are rabbits that are grown just for that purpose. I am pretty sure that rabbit was not born for that purpose. At least not yet anyway, maybe a few more years than something will get it, but not today.

I actually threw rocks at my furball and got him to leave it alone long enough for us to get the bunny. The potential resident lives out on her mom's farm and said she could take the bunny out there and take care of it. That right there is proably what will save that little bunnies life. My cat was watching us with big eyes just waiting for us to drop it.

I am just amazed that my stupid furball would become a killer of something when I cant even get him to help kill spiders. Guess it just goes to show ya that you can ever know the true intent of something. At least not until something big happens.


Winter said...

Cats are hunters. I used to have to watch under my bed for dead birds. Don't have to anymore because the feral brothers and prego don't go out.