Macrus Award Slut

Macrus Award Slut

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Another day, still have the belly

Yeah still have not popped. I am techinally due tomorrow but I was hoping for a early baby. Is it honestly to much to ask for? Not like I havent done this 2 other times. I could have so been happy about a baby that actually came a little early. Better than giving him all this time to get to that 10 pound mark.

I have to say something that has been bugging the crap out of me. I watch the morning news program and I swear at least 2 times a week they would have a story about what pregant woman should not do. Ok thanks for the heads up but little advice, have a chick go on there and tell us.

I do not want some old or young GUY tell me not to drink more than so many ounces of this or that. HELLO, it is a guy telling a WOMAN not to do something. If a guy would have left me alone when I told him to, I wouldnt be in this position like I didnt want to be. See my point?

I do not want some body with a dick bewteen their legs telling me what to do. You are not the one that has to go through ankles swelling, cramps, pratice contractions, the real contractions, strech marks, not being able to bend over, your ass getting bigger, and to top it all off the basic ripping apart of your va-va. Yeah I really want to hear from a MALE not to do something that makes me happy. Do the words FUCK OFF mean anything?

Yes I have alot of aggression right now. I cant ride my bike and it has been so nice. Plus, gas prices are so high I would be more than happy to ride my bike to go do the little things. Full tank of gas in my Blazer is costing me $50. My bike would like $10. Hell of a difference.

I cant really play softball and there was a tourney this past weekend to. Guess I was the talk of the tourney to. They are so used to seeing me at all the tourney's that when I dont show people wonder. I wish I could have been there to. Had some people I knew that wanted me to play with their team. They have been the best team the last coupel years running so I was super pumped to be asked to play with them to. Stupid belly.

I feel better now that I have ranted and raved. Please all pray or just cross your fingers for me. I really want to have this kid and soon.


Winter said...

Poor Mary. You can tell all those men to FUCK OFF for me too. Although, none of them have done anything to me lately. I'm still here in my self imposed celibacy, waiting for my man. Hopefully, your little man will come today or tomorrow. MUAH! Luvs ya!