Macrus Award Slut

Macrus Award Slut

Monday, April 14, 2008

Have a shot!

I can not wait to hear that again. I especially cant wait for me to say ok and down it. I know that sounds like I am an acholoic but honestly why cant a person just want a drink? I bring this up cause of the new video of Hillary.

Does this humanize her? Hell yes it does. Does it change my view of her? Hell yes it does. How can it not? She has been like the evil witch this whole election year. She is even looked upon around here, as the woman that is to good for us Arkies. Didnt exactly hurt my feelings when she changed her state. No big loss.

From then on I always thought she was just some chick that had to move the the "big city" to feel comfortable. I will say it right now, we dont have huge cities here but Little Rock is nothing to sneeze at. Plenty of folks but you can still get that hometown feel. How is that bad?

Now that she is running for the one position that scares me I wonder if she really is that down to earth. Did I maybe rush to judgement cause of her snubbing of my home state? Yeah proably did. Not proud of it cause I really try not to but this time I did. Now I better put those thoughts aside and try to see what exactly she is about.

We all should. I can understand waiting to see who exactly will be the democratic winner but why not see what they are about right now. My hubbie is a die hard republician so I am going to have to really watch out for him putting his 2 cents into it. This is the only time where I really dont enjoy being around him.

Guess I better start watching CNN or Fox and start to get to know the folks that want to run the world. If not I'll pull another stupid and vote for someone that is an idiot. Just what we need someone else in the white house that doesnt know snot about the public.


Winter said...

I watch CNN incessantly. And I need a shot. It's been a very fucked up day. Why isn't that kid coming out? I need something to cheer me up!