Macrus Award Slut

Macrus Award Slut

Monday, February 25, 2008

Mucky Monday

I feel like bitching today so either stop reading now or sit back and think damn that sucks.
First off being pregant sucks. All the moms know what i talking about so quite rolling your eyes at me. Went to the doctor last Thursday and he says hey you in the home stretch. I look at him and tell him straight out "The home stretch sucks." Why is it that all my doctors laugh at me when I am being perfectly serious?
It seems to me that I have this talent I guess you could call it, to make all my doctors laugh. Worse part is I am being serious. When I tell you no shit give me more drugs I hurt, I really mean it. I am not Whoopi or Kathy Griffin. I really fucking mean I am in pain and need drugs. Laugh at me after you give me the drugs and I start saying burrito like it is the coolest word in the world. Which by the way, it really is a cool ass word to say when you are riding high.
So after I get done with the doc I have to pick up all this crap we need around the office. Of course it is busy as hell at Wal-Mart. There was ice on the road a little so the schools cancelled. Plus there was a call for more. In other words, Oh my god Ethel, go get the toliet paper and milk, we going die without it!! Freaking everybody was there and in my damn way. I made the trip alot faster than I should have and of course forgot half the crap I needed. SHIT!!!!
After I got home the kids were driving me and the hubbie nuts. All weekend it had been hell. JOSHIE JOSHIE JOSHIE!!!! SISSSY SISSSY SISSY!!!! That is all we hear when we try to get them to stop. I finally told them that if I heard one more crash, bang, or anything else I would just kill them and dump there bodies in the woods. They settled down for a little while. That was only saturday though.
Than i get a e-mail from the bank that works with Turbotax. Basically it said we have your money but only deposit once a week. Of course that is only done on friday. They got it on friday and of course they didnt have enough time to give it to my bank. Why me? I just want my money so I can pay off these bills and actually be bill free. Might even have enough left over to help get a new car. Lords know I need 3rd row seating now.
The worst part for me this weekend was how I was woken up Saturday morning. No Winter, I did not get morning loving. I had my left calf muscle cramp up so bad that I screamed. I slapped hubbie's back and woke him up begging him to rub it out. Only took 5 minutes. SO I was woken up at 630 in pain and hobbled all day. It only got worse and now I am sitting here with my calf wrapped up. It hurts to walk and of course live in a damn 2 story house. Yeah.
MY week is only going to get better. My boss is coming tomorrow and the next day the wonderful USDA comes to look at everything. I mean everything to. Starting with all my records and than going into the apartments. Yippee fucking skippy.

Thursday, February 21, 2008


So I have no idea what the hell to write. It has been one of those days where things just keep piling up. I have somehow gotten my cough back, oh freaking yeah. I have had paperwork that just kept turning into more. 2 empty apartments that I have to fill. Folks that are pissing me off right and left.
First was at the doctors bright and early. Everything is just fine. Little Mac is hanging out and beating the crap out of mommy just like he is supposed to. Even hide from the doctor just like always.
Once I got home had to call the boss and boy isnt that a blast. OF course had a huge list of stuff she wanted done. Got it all done in about 3 hours. Of course the last thing I need done cant be done. The stupid fax machine is not reading the damn sheets right so all they get at the home office is funky lines.
Hubbie is trying to get one whole apartment painted in one day. I know I could do it but as much as I love him, he should just give up. It took him 3 and half hours to do one small bedroom. I told him he had to kick it up a gear. He looked at me and said he had. Me thinks I should go over there and kick him out and do what I do. But than again I am tired and pregant and he needs to learn an important lesson. No really get your ass in gear and work when I give you a list.
Now I have a tenant's friend or shall I say ex-friend that wants to get inside her apartment and get her stuff. Yeah sorry cant just open up someone's apartment so you can get "your stuff." Did she really think I would when she was standing at the door with tears in her eyes? Do I really hate my job that much to just throw it away? No way in hell!! Now I am sitting here waiting for a phone call, I proably wont get, to open up a tenant's apartment so her ex-friend can get her crap.
So that has been my day. I am so ready to go to bed right now. TO bad it is so not going to happen. I really think I might have to go and help out the hubbie or send him home for a break.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Winter Wednesday

Yet again mother nature has proven she is a bitch. We do not need anymore ice here!! That is what they are calling for for the next 2 days. UGH!!
Now I know I am not nearly as bad as my buddy Shiny up there in chesseland. Looks like she has enough snow to have the ulimate snowball fight and still have enough left over to make her own land bridge across Lake Michigan. Hey Shiny, that is why bitches like me moved south, we smarts.
I truly can not handle another day of the kids being off of school. They are driving me nuts!! I would even be happy if they had school on a Saturday. I did it one year, it wont hurt them. The worst part is the last 2 days they took off, they shouldnt have. IT was dry outside and no ice or anything on the ground.
Another thing about the bad weather is the fact that the softball team I help coach needs to pratice. Our season starts March 4 against our rival at their place. WE NEED TO PRATICE!!! It just cant happen when our field is soaked and the indoor building we use is full. The Red Cross is using it for all the stuff people have donated.
Ok I feel bad for the folks that were detroyed by the tornado but what about eh kids that are trying to get back to normal. Having that building open means we can pratice. Right now there is no way we can. I hear there is a big screen TV in there to. Now who the hell gives up a big screen!!!
Why the weather wants to suck here I hope the rest of you have a good day. So in other words Winter have a great day and dont kill the people that dont know what the toolbar is for. Have fun in the snow shiny!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Tounge Tuesday

Since my buddy Winter has Marcus Monday I decided to follow it up with Tounge Tuesday. Hopefully the pics I put up here will have yoru tounge hanging out and a nice little fanasty brewing.

For our first victim...I mean hot body, I present..... Hell if I know his name but sometimes that is the best way to have man. I dont even know
if I should type anymore cause if your brain is still able to read these words you are a stronger woman than I. Even though I have this downloaded on my computer I still take a few moments to think thank you god for these fine example of a male body.

Now I think I will only put one more up for you. I might have to dig a little deeper for this one but know I am up for the challenge. Is your brain working yet by the way? I know I have had to go over and check my words twice now. That last pic has just got me sidetracked.

This my friends is Micheal van Dijk. I found him on a model site last year and have been holding back on some of you bitches.
See Winter this is the kind of man i have been telling you about. Rough but just hot enough that you want to use some of that whip cream in the fridge on him.
OK enough of my fanasty's go post your own and get the hell out of mine. I dont do 3somes you sick bitches.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Weekend with bunkbeds

Here it is Monday and I feel pretty good. I think I am finally over this funk I have had for like 2 and half months. Got a little morning loving and got my haircut this past weekend. Nothing like a good cut and color to make you feel sexy.
I first have to tell ya that I think I remember why I hated bunkbeds. With the 3rd butthead on the way we had to make some room for everyone to sleep. I let my little boy pick out which one he wanted so I wouldnt hear "I hate this one" for the rest of my natural life.
Within 15 minutes of said bunkbeds going up they broke the ladder. That is a new record!! Within 45 minutes of that there was a casulty. Josh was pushed not only through the ladder but off of it. No broken bones but he does have a nice gash on his back.
So after the reckless adventures of my kids and the bunkbeds I needed a nap. Not to much to ask for is it? Well it seems that even though I am pregant and been feelign sick I am not allowed to sleep longer than say 20 minutes. IF you see soemone sleeping why come up and kiss them on the head?
My hubbie walks in and see me not only snoring but drooling and he kisses me. I am the mommy I wake up to any small sound within miles if it involves my kids or could. We have been married 8 years and the dumbass still doesnt know this?! Of course I bitched at him and tried to go back to sleep. Not happening. I hate that feeling to. The race helped put me in a better mood but it didnt totally help.
Of course it was another fun weekend at the Ott household. I know you cant wait to hear what happens next weekend. Maybe I'll go wrestle an alligator and call it a day.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Rant of the week

I am going to take a page out of my buddy Winter's blog and try to do something special every week. Not like alot of people are reading this but what the hell, it is my blog. I say what i want and fell better for it.
So my rant for the week is simple..... Excuse me, idiot senators that have decided to butt your noses into our sports world...... Do you think you could I dont know, just for kicks, DO YOUR DAMN JOB!!!!
The last time I voted for someone to represent me was not because they said they would clean up my fav sports of all the bad. Yeah rather than getting health care for my family that is affordable I want you to clean up sports. Those guys that earn millions of dollars need you to help them out. Damn I must have forgotten to take that I'm stupid sign off my bad.
Come on people do the job you were elected for. I dont give a shit if some idiot that makes 10 million a year to play a game shoots himself up steriods or some other mess. In the end the guy will get what is coming to him. Let him be an idiot and get me some damn tax relief. I would love to be able to clear 20,000 this YEAR.
I would love to be able to afford GOOD health care for my kids and myself. I want to be able to look for a job that helps me go up not down. I want to know that when my kids are ready to go to college I can afford it. I pray that my hubbie never again has to go to Iraq or some other place to defend us. Dont ya think there are enough other problems going on in our country that you could actually work on?
Does anyone else see this as stupid? Sports writers are all over the air saying this guy should be banned from the game, can we believe him, and actually arguing over it. Come on guys I know football ended and we are in the slump time with only basketball and hockey to keep us sports freaks going but even I am not that desperate to give a care about this.
I have always believed that those that do drugs will either pay for it in the end or see the light and stop. Those that cheat at a game will get the same. It is called KARMA and she sure aint nice sometimes. Go ahead and shoot up with that shit if you really thinks it will help. Dont come crying to me when you freak out and kill someone or yourself. It is a chocie YOU took.
I guess you could call me heartless for that last statement but honestly I have more important things to worry about than why some idiot decided to cheat to get more money. If the owners want it to stop than quit paying out the ass if you know the guy is cheating. And dont try to tell me you dont know either. You pay people to make sure your toliet seat is warm, I think you can spend a little to see if the guy has some juice in his veins. Hello it is called a physical.
Ok, I feel better. My rant is now complete. Have a hell of a day or night :)

Sunday, February 10, 2008

weekend ugh

It is Sunday morning and most times I would be sitting in bed and reading. Not this weekend. The hubbie is at National Guard. That equals me being all by myself with the 2 kids from hell.
I love my kids, dont get me wrong. I just wonder how in the hell they got this much enregy! I do not give them enregy drinks so why do they act like they have guzzled 12 red bulls? Than by this afternoon it will be like they followed that up with 2 packs of pixie sticks. Was I like this as a kid? Now way was I this bad.
While I am sitting here typing this the newest add on to the family is kicking me. Mac seems to know when I am talking about him or his siblings. Last night I was at baby shower for my cousin and every time I talked about him or was asked he would hit me. And what exactly was I supposed to do? Not talk about him and just be a bitch to folks all night?
So while my sister was having fun making him move and hit me (she really enjoyed that to). My mom was asked when my baby shower was. What did my own mother say? This is her third, she doesnt need one. OUCH!! Is that a knife in the heart or just motherly love? I of course brought up the fact that I didnt have anymore baby stuff cause I wasnt expecting to get pregant again. Than here we go with the whole birth control conversation again.
I am and was more than happy not to do anything and make the hubbie suffer. I love him but that doesnt mean I have to give him some everytime he wants it. Plus he tells me I am going to get it taken care of so you dont have to worry about anything. Ok that is great, thanks hubbie. Well as you can tell he lied.
Now mom likes to remind me of that. Like the human life forming in my belly isnt enough of a reminder. Hubbie is now taken care of and I have already talked to the doc and we are going to make sure that Mary is also taken care of. Insurance is a nice thing to have.
Thankfully my mom agreed that a shower would be good for me. Which makes me super exicited. I have some things but wow I forgot how much a baby really needs. Nose suckers, wahsclothes, crib sheets, litel nail clippers, wipes, diapers, binky's, bottles, wipes, diapers, little clothes, diaper pads, more diapers, butt paste, baby detergent, baby blankets, and of course more diapers and wipes. Now I feel like banging my head against the wall.
So in my near future I have a baby shower, a softball team to help coach, and a baby to actually have. Wow what a weekend. I think me and the kids are going to go see a movie, I need a reality break.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Tornado Tuesday

I am sitting here thinking about what all has happened to me and the folks in my area the past day. Super Tuesday started out with me explaining why we voted to my daughter. She thought it was cool so I had to give myself a pat on the back. Hey she’s 7, if she still believes that same thing when she is 18 I did good. My Tuesday ended not being so super. We are calling it Tornado Tuesday now. I didn’t get hit but plenty of people that I know by sight or even name did, including my family.
The sun had been shining through out the day on and off. I knew they had been talking about it raining that afternoon so I packed an umbrella into my little girl’s backpack. Got to be a mom every now and than. By the time I picked her up from school the sky had changed and you could feel something in the air.
I figured that we would get a good soaker and plenty of lightening maybe even some hail. That is our usual package here for thunderstorms. The hills I live in seem to help keep the bad stuff away. I am now wishing that was all we had gotten and my beloved Arkansas hills would have helped out a little more.
I was supposed to be helping coach the high school softball team in Cotter. I did it last year and loved every moment of it. I got to the school and the rain started coming down in buckets. I was soaked just running from the car to the front of the school. About a 20 yard dash if that.
Once inside I ran into the softball coach right away. She felt awful for not calling me to tell me practice had been cancelled. We are practicing inside the multi-purpose gym right now so we don’t have to worry about the weather and such. I told her it was ok, it is still basketball season after all and they needed to practice for district.
By the time I got back to the car I was a mop. Liz, my lovable little one was laughing. That was until I told her to look at time and think about where she would be. Just getting off the bus and into the rain, oh fun. She shut up real quick with that fact pointed out to her.
We decided to go into Mountain Home instead of going back home. She had dance class and why waste the gas. We had a nice quiet mommy and daughter dinner than went into the local bookstore. I was looking for a new book and she just loves to see them all.
While there I get this phone call form my mom. “Where are you?!” When those are the first words out of your own mom’s mouth you are in 2 situations, trouble or needing help.
Since I wasn’t in trouble for anything, yet, I figured something was up and she needed help. Mom had just gotten her foot worked on at the doctor and cant drive. I told her where and she sighed. “You better find some cover quick. The sirens are going off here and it is headed your way.”
I k new right away what she was talking about. Hearing a tornado siren is something that you either hate or rely on. When I lived in Iowa it was rely. Around here it is more for the calling of volunteer firefighters. After awhile you get used to it and don’t really worry when it goes off. This time though it was actually what they had been invented for.
I told Mom not to worry I would take care of me and Liz and to get yourself some cover. I than proceeded to call the hubbie.
For those of you that don’t know the hubbie was in Iraq for a year not to long ago. During one mission a missile was launched at his hummer and while thank god it missed it did mess up his hearing. Now if he isn’t really looking at me I make him to make sure he hears me. Hit and miss is what I call his hearing now.
He of course hadn’t heard the sirens (IDIOT) and started to look at the weather. After knowing he was going to take care of things there with my son, I went and told Liz to make a selection. I had a feeling we would either get kicked out of the store or we could hide there with them.
Once the sirens went off in Mountain Home I knew we weren’t going anywhere. I walked up the manager and asked him if we could hang out in the back with him and his employee’s. He of course said yes and that is how I spent my next hour. In a backroom at Hastings bookstore with my daughter praying nothing bad had happened.
Once somebody turned on the radio and I heard that a tornado had touched down I knew for some reason that my hubbie and son were safe. Don’t ask me how I knew but I did. Once I heard that Gassville had gotten hit I lost all the good feelings I had. My dad, step mom, aunt and cousin all live there.
I started to try to call them or anybody at that point. I had to know what was happening. I knew they were supposed to all be home bout that time from work. How bad had it hit? Where in the town had it hit? Dammnit why didn’t the damn call go through!!
Gassville is a town of about 700 to 800 folks. Small, quiet and for awhile home to me and my family. I have driven different school buses all over that town and knew a lot of the kids and their families. I had lived in a house I almost bought right there by the city park. Dammnit somebody answer their freaking phone!!
Than the worst thing in the world happened, they started talking about damage. CRAP!!! Where was my family? Had it hit Flippin before going on? Where the people I loved the most in my life gone? How in the hell was I supposed to stay calm with my daughter right there beside me?
I took a huge breath and blew it out. I had to believe in god. I know many folks don’t and that is your right. I always wonder though, how can you explain some of the things that happen in this world if there isn’t one? That is a different post for a different time.
So anyway, here I am in this back room at a bookstore with my daughter and these strangers. I knew one other person there and she wasn’t to keen on being there either with family in danger. Her 16 year old son was home in Gassville. She wasn’t sure if he was home alone or with her sister or mom. All she knew was nobody was answering at the house or on the cell phones. Talk about needing a drink. We both did at that moment.
Finally they let us out of the back room at 6. The all clear had sounded and we were free. Expect for the fact it was raining buckets, again. I think they said something like we got almost 5 inches in just a few hours. That is a lot.
The other mom was out of there like a light. Even though they weren’t allowing anybody into Gassville, she was going to go find her son. I wished her luck and went to the bathroom. Pregnant woman can not sit in a back room for an hour after drinking a glass of tea period end of discussion. After that I dashed to the car and off we went. Nobody was answering phones still but at least I knew why. The towers had been hit, great.
I drove to my cousin’s, who lives right outside of Mountain Home, making sure she was ok. To my surprise and delight my aunt and other cousin are there. Thank you god!! 2 family members down, only 2 more to go.
I stayed there and made sure they were fine and got out any info I could from them. They had tried to go home. They got as far as the beginning of town. There is a McDonald’s there. It is still standing but the golden arches were bent down around a car. The gas station that is right across from it is torn up. The state troopers told them they had to turn around. No way were they getting into Gassville right than. The only good news was my dad and step mom were safe.
Considering for the past hour and half I have been trying not to freak out this news was helping. I could at least account for almost all my family. Only the idiot hubbie, who if he died would make me a mental case, was not heard from. Considering our son, who if he was gone would kill me, was with him I was still a little bit freaking.
Finally after me trying to call for what felt like forever couldn’t get through I asked my cuz to help. First time was the winner, winner chicken dinner. The idiot answered!! “Everything is fine here. The electricity is off but we are ok. It didn’t hit us.” I swear you could hear my sigh of relief all the way to the California coast.
I started to make my way home after that call. I needed to see for myself. Yeah I call him an idiot but it is a love term in our house. When I finally got home, after having to take the long way around, I was so tore up. I wanted to know what was happening in Gassville. Were my friends ok?
I sucked in all the news I could from the radio and finally went to sleep. I wasn’t going to find out anymore that night. I just now saw pictures of the devastation that hit my town. There isn’t a main street anymore. It is just a row of a couple of places that got lucky. My fav Mexican place is gone. A great bbq place is destroyed. There used to be a trailer park in town, 65 of those things are gone. The church where a friend on mine was married destroyed.
The worst part was I hadn’t actually heard my dad’s voice yet. Me and Dad are close but have had our differences in the past. It took me many years to forgive him for not doing things I thought a dad should when I was growing up. Hell I probably won’t forgive him for everything, but we have come to an understanding on that.
I finally heard from my Dad at about noon today. I should have known the hard headed SOB would have gone to work. He was on his way back to the house to see the damage in the daylight. He told me how he had just gotten home from work and was doing some outside work real quick. He looked up and saw the rotation and could hear the rumble. My dad has been half deaf all his life so if he can hear something than that is something. He said he quickly went in the house and told my step mom to get into the bathroom and cover up. Rather than being smart about it and getting in there with her why does the man open up his front door and look out?? “There was a lot of debris flying around and it was windy.” I swear that is a direct quote from our conversation.
It is at times like that I just want to pound my head into a wall. I didn’t know if I should say ya think or here’s your sign. Instead I said I bet. The damn thing was in his freaking back yard!!! It went from his backyard up the road and took out city hall and the fire station. But my dad being the genius he is was standing in his front door watching the debris fly. I still have to decide that when I do see him after I give him a hug if I should smack him on the head like in those V8 commercials or just keep on hugging him.
To wrap this long post up, Gassville, Arkansas is destroyed. I haven’t actually been down in there but I have seen enough pictures to know it will never be the same. Gone is my easy town that has everything you need. The gas stations were both hit hard; the McDonald’s is in bad shape. All that I have heard is actually standing and in good condition is the local grocery market. Considering the City Hall is right behind it I am amazed.
All I can do right now is pray that the people that I remember seeing walking the streets in the spring time are ok. The kids that I would laugh, yell or just plain roll my eyes at are fine. The one thing I have to keep remembering is that if I hadn’t agreed with my daughter and gone into Mountain Home early I would have been driving through there when that thing hit. Would I be here typing away and telling whoever reads this about my Tornado Tuesday or would I be in the hospital? Funny how one decision changes a life huh?

Monday, February 4, 2008


With Super Tuesday looming I thought I would put my 2 cents in on a subject that I usually shut up about. In my life I have learned not to talk about 3 things, love, religion and politics. You never never win in a argument when it involves these 3 topics.
Now for my 2 cents. I am not a person that beliefs in just one parties way of thinking. I figure there are to many people doing to many different things just to believe in one thing. Plus I have seen to many things in this world not to know that there is a higher power that gave us the brains to choose for oursleves.
Last time I voted I helped put the idiot in the White House. Hell I helped put him there twice. Yeah that means that I helped send my hubbie off to war, aint that a bitch. Now I sit here after having to sell a house that I couldnt afford, no real insurance for my kids or myself, barely making shit as far as wages go and about to bring a new life into a world that is just going nuts.
I look at the the ones that want to take over a job that is so high pressure I wonder how many years off a life it takes. How can I be sure that when I do vote for the next president of the US I vote for the right person? Will it be a woman, black man, preacher or a vet? Will they truly do what this country needs done?
So many questions and how are we supposed to get the right answer? How many years have we sat and watched or heard about how people we elect to office accept bribes? It seems like they go to Washington and for some reason lose all ability to say no to everything but what a person with money wants them to. I can understand wanting more in life but do you really have to sell yourself to?
See that is the reason voting is so damn hard. Everytime you figure out a answer you get another question. It is almost like a crap shoot. You just throw it out there and pray that you get the right one. So far I figure my last two shots were not winning shots. Maybe this time I will really do some serious homework and make sure that my next roll is the one that helps.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Superbowl Sunday

Finally the day is here to watch big sweaty men beat the crap out of each other for a big shiny trophy. Now how in the hell can anything be better than that.
I am a huge fan of football. I have been drooling over it ever since I first saw Sweetness make a move and the other guy fall on his face. It was such a magic moment seeing what exactly a human body could do. It was to me ballet.
For those of you that are sportstards, Sweetness is Walter Payton of the Chicago Bears. I grew up watching him, Jim McMahon, the Fridge, Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, Barry Sanders and well of course Sweetness.
These guys were for me my heros. They were also the one thing me and my dad had in common. I have never had it confirmed but I tell ya my dad had to want a boy for his first kid. Instead he got me. My mom tried to keep me in dresses and girly stuff but it just never stuck. Than my sister came along and well mom had her doll. I just sort of went out and played in the dirt.
Now a days I can play in the dirt on the softball field, come home to my hubbie and kids and just be me. IT is always nice to have someone there that you never have to be someone else for. I can just be me and that is good enough. But that is a post for another day, like my anniversary. Damn now I have to remember which day it is.
Back to what this post is about, football is a sport that everyone should not only look at as full contact but also a struggle. A struggle of 2 teams trying to outwit the other. It is the ulimate guessing game. If i run this play will the guy on the other side guess where to move his to stop it?
I guess you could call this the ulimate live chess game. I never got into chess, to much sitting around and thinking. Football though is a thing of beauty. You are moving around and watching grown men hit each other. A couple of coachs trying to make sure that everyone is where they should be. The right play is used at the right time. Both teams wanting that ulimate result, a win.
Like I said at the begginging how could anything be better than that.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Why not

Some people that know me figure I am pretty easy to figure out. Just let her watch, play or coach sports and she is happy. Not so fast my friends!!
Ever since my hubbie's grandma asked me about music I have been hooked on vinyl. She would ask me what I liked to listen to and considering her age I would say something like Johnny Cash. She had a box set that we would put on and listen to while we talked of my day and hers. Sometimes it would be one of the other artists but most times we would talk about them rather than listen. I even helped her figure out some of the music she was looking for.
IT seems I have a natural knack you could call it for remembering who sang what. Never knew I did until a song would come on and somebody would say; "Hey who sang that?" I would just blurt out who and everybody would look at me like how the hell you know that. When I was younger this embrassed me cause come on everything did than.
Now though I figure while this aint exactly helping em find a high paying job it at least is great to bust out at a party. I am great at Trivial Pursit when it comes to music questions. Plus i can rub it in hubbie's face when he thinks he knows it. I love those moments!!
So my question to everyone is why not? Why cant I like something more than sports? I am not a girly girl in any way but I can be a brainiac when it comes to music. I guess it just gets under my skin when some of the people I know look at me wierd when I say I like to collect vinyl.
This is my first post here and I decided why not.