Macrus Award Slut

Macrus Award Slut

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Winter Wednesday

Yet again mother nature has proven she is a bitch. We do not need anymore ice here!! That is what they are calling for for the next 2 days. UGH!!
Now I know I am not nearly as bad as my buddy Shiny up there in chesseland. Looks like she has enough snow to have the ulimate snowball fight and still have enough left over to make her own land bridge across Lake Michigan. Hey Shiny, that is why bitches like me moved south, we smarts.
I truly can not handle another day of the kids being off of school. They are driving me nuts!! I would even be happy if they had school on a Saturday. I did it one year, it wont hurt them. The worst part is the last 2 days they took off, they shouldnt have. IT was dry outside and no ice or anything on the ground.
Another thing about the bad weather is the fact that the softball team I help coach needs to pratice. Our season starts March 4 against our rival at their place. WE NEED TO PRATICE!!! It just cant happen when our field is soaked and the indoor building we use is full. The Red Cross is using it for all the stuff people have donated.
Ok I feel bad for the folks that were detroyed by the tornado but what about eh kids that are trying to get back to normal. Having that building open means we can pratice. Right now there is no way we can. I hear there is a big screen TV in there to. Now who the hell gives up a big screen!!!
Why the weather wants to suck here I hope the rest of you have a good day. So in other words Winter have a great day and dont kill the people that dont know what the toolbar is for. Have fun in the snow shiny!


Lex Valentine said...

It rained here. I got caught in it. Wearing flip flops. Nuff said.