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Macrus Award Slut

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Rant of the week

I am going to take a page out of my buddy Winter's blog and try to do something special every week. Not like alot of people are reading this but what the hell, it is my blog. I say what i want and fell better for it.
So my rant for the week is simple..... Excuse me, idiot senators that have decided to butt your noses into our sports world...... Do you think you could I dont know, just for kicks, DO YOUR DAMN JOB!!!!
The last time I voted for someone to represent me was not because they said they would clean up my fav sports of all the bad. Yeah rather than getting health care for my family that is affordable I want you to clean up sports. Those guys that earn millions of dollars need you to help them out. Damn I must have forgotten to take that I'm stupid sign off my bad.
Come on people do the job you were elected for. I dont give a shit if some idiot that makes 10 million a year to play a game shoots himself up steriods or some other mess. In the end the guy will get what is coming to him. Let him be an idiot and get me some damn tax relief. I would love to be able to clear 20,000 this YEAR.
I would love to be able to afford GOOD health care for my kids and myself. I want to be able to look for a job that helps me go up not down. I want to know that when my kids are ready to go to college I can afford it. I pray that my hubbie never again has to go to Iraq or some other place to defend us. Dont ya think there are enough other problems going on in our country that you could actually work on?
Does anyone else see this as stupid? Sports writers are all over the air saying this guy should be banned from the game, can we believe him, and actually arguing over it. Come on guys I know football ended and we are in the slump time with only basketball and hockey to keep us sports freaks going but even I am not that desperate to give a care about this.
I have always believed that those that do drugs will either pay for it in the end or see the light and stop. Those that cheat at a game will get the same. It is called KARMA and she sure aint nice sometimes. Go ahead and shoot up with that shit if you really thinks it will help. Dont come crying to me when you freak out and kill someone or yourself. It is a chocie YOU took.
I guess you could call me heartless for that last statement but honestly I have more important things to worry about than why some idiot decided to cheat to get more money. If the owners want it to stop than quit paying out the ass if you know the guy is cheating. And dont try to tell me you dont know either. You pay people to make sure your toliet seat is warm, I think you can spend a little to see if the guy has some juice in his veins. Hello it is called a physical.
Ok, I feel better. My rant is now complete. Have a hell of a day or night :)


Winter said...

It's so ridiculous that they are having hearings on steroids. Fuck that shit. I take steroids. Okay, I'm an asthmatic and I have arthritis. 'Roids and I are old friends. But I can't believe we pay those morons to debate this shit and have hearings about it. WTF does it have to do with running our country? Good rant Mary.