Macrus Award Slut

Macrus Award Slut

Monday, February 4, 2008


With Super Tuesday looming I thought I would put my 2 cents in on a subject that I usually shut up about. In my life I have learned not to talk about 3 things, love, religion and politics. You never never win in a argument when it involves these 3 topics.
Now for my 2 cents. I am not a person that beliefs in just one parties way of thinking. I figure there are to many people doing to many different things just to believe in one thing. Plus I have seen to many things in this world not to know that there is a higher power that gave us the brains to choose for oursleves.
Last time I voted I helped put the idiot in the White House. Hell I helped put him there twice. Yeah that means that I helped send my hubbie off to war, aint that a bitch. Now I sit here after having to sell a house that I couldnt afford, no real insurance for my kids or myself, barely making shit as far as wages go and about to bring a new life into a world that is just going nuts.
I look at the the ones that want to take over a job that is so high pressure I wonder how many years off a life it takes. How can I be sure that when I do vote for the next president of the US I vote for the right person? Will it be a woman, black man, preacher or a vet? Will they truly do what this country needs done?
So many questions and how are we supposed to get the right answer? How many years have we sat and watched or heard about how people we elect to office accept bribes? It seems like they go to Washington and for some reason lose all ability to say no to everything but what a person with money wants them to. I can understand wanting more in life but do you really have to sell yourself to?
See that is the reason voting is so damn hard. Everytime you figure out a answer you get another question. It is almost like a crap shoot. You just throw it out there and pray that you get the right one. So far I figure my last two shots were not winning shots. Maybe this time I will really do some serious homework and make sure that my next roll is the one that helps.


Lex Valentine said...

I don't think we're ever going to see real change until the system itself changes. I'll be a jar of ash by then. I can honestly say I have no clue who to vote for. I guess I better figure it out before tomorrow. If you want to see another good rant on politics take a look at the Libertine's post today. I really liked it. It was about Mississippi and cake! ;)