Macrus Award Slut

Macrus Award Slut

Sunday, February 10, 2008

weekend ugh

It is Sunday morning and most times I would be sitting in bed and reading. Not this weekend. The hubbie is at National Guard. That equals me being all by myself with the 2 kids from hell.
I love my kids, dont get me wrong. I just wonder how in the hell they got this much enregy! I do not give them enregy drinks so why do they act like they have guzzled 12 red bulls? Than by this afternoon it will be like they followed that up with 2 packs of pixie sticks. Was I like this as a kid? Now way was I this bad.
While I am sitting here typing this the newest add on to the family is kicking me. Mac seems to know when I am talking about him or his siblings. Last night I was at baby shower for my cousin and every time I talked about him or was asked he would hit me. And what exactly was I supposed to do? Not talk about him and just be a bitch to folks all night?
So while my sister was having fun making him move and hit me (she really enjoyed that to). My mom was asked when my baby shower was. What did my own mother say? This is her third, she doesnt need one. OUCH!! Is that a knife in the heart or just motherly love? I of course brought up the fact that I didnt have anymore baby stuff cause I wasnt expecting to get pregant again. Than here we go with the whole birth control conversation again.
I am and was more than happy not to do anything and make the hubbie suffer. I love him but that doesnt mean I have to give him some everytime he wants it. Plus he tells me I am going to get it taken care of so you dont have to worry about anything. Ok that is great, thanks hubbie. Well as you can tell he lied.
Now mom likes to remind me of that. Like the human life forming in my belly isnt enough of a reminder. Hubbie is now taken care of and I have already talked to the doc and we are going to make sure that Mary is also taken care of. Insurance is a nice thing to have.
Thankfully my mom agreed that a shower would be good for me. Which makes me super exicited. I have some things but wow I forgot how much a baby really needs. Nose suckers, wahsclothes, crib sheets, litel nail clippers, wipes, diapers, binky's, bottles, wipes, diapers, little clothes, diaper pads, more diapers, butt paste, baby detergent, baby blankets, and of course more diapers and wipes. Now I feel like banging my head against the wall.
So in my near future I have a baby shower, a softball team to help coach, and a baby to actually have. Wow what a weekend. I think me and the kids are going to go see a movie, I need a reality break.


Winter said...

HA! Better you than me with the big belly. Not that mine is flat... LOL

MarOtt said...

Yeah but yours doesnt kick you in the middle of the night. I just am loving those 4 am pee calls. yippey.