Macrus Award Slut

Macrus Award Slut

Thursday, February 21, 2008


So I have no idea what the hell to write. It has been one of those days where things just keep piling up. I have somehow gotten my cough back, oh freaking yeah. I have had paperwork that just kept turning into more. 2 empty apartments that I have to fill. Folks that are pissing me off right and left.
First was at the doctors bright and early. Everything is just fine. Little Mac is hanging out and beating the crap out of mommy just like he is supposed to. Even hide from the doctor just like always.
Once I got home had to call the boss and boy isnt that a blast. OF course had a huge list of stuff she wanted done. Got it all done in about 3 hours. Of course the last thing I need done cant be done. The stupid fax machine is not reading the damn sheets right so all they get at the home office is funky lines.
Hubbie is trying to get one whole apartment painted in one day. I know I could do it but as much as I love him, he should just give up. It took him 3 and half hours to do one small bedroom. I told him he had to kick it up a gear. He looked at me and said he had. Me thinks I should go over there and kick him out and do what I do. But than again I am tired and pregant and he needs to learn an important lesson. No really get your ass in gear and work when I give you a list.
Now I have a tenant's friend or shall I say ex-friend that wants to get inside her apartment and get her stuff. Yeah sorry cant just open up someone's apartment so you can get "your stuff." Did she really think I would when she was standing at the door with tears in her eyes? Do I really hate my job that much to just throw it away? No way in hell!! Now I am sitting here waiting for a phone call, I proably wont get, to open up a tenant's apartment so her ex-friend can get her crap.
So that has been my day. I am so ready to go to bed right now. TO bad it is so not going to happen. I really think I might have to go and help out the hubbie or send him home for a break.


Winter said...

Ahhh, Mary something's get better. Not Marcus Monday... I have no rugged Marcuses for you this week. Come by on Tuesday. I'll have a song AND a picture for you! MUAH!