Macrus Award Slut

Macrus Award Slut

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Tounge Tuesday

Since my buddy Winter has Marcus Monday I decided to follow it up with Tounge Tuesday. Hopefully the pics I put up here will have yoru tounge hanging out and a nice little fanasty brewing.

For our first victim...I mean hot body, I present..... Hell if I know his name but sometimes that is the best way to have man. I dont even know
if I should type anymore cause if your brain is still able to read these words you are a stronger woman than I. Even though I have this downloaded on my computer I still take a few moments to think thank you god for these fine example of a male body.

Now I think I will only put one more up for you. I might have to dig a little deeper for this one but know I am up for the challenge. Is your brain working yet by the way? I know I have had to go over and check my words twice now. That last pic has just got me sidetracked.

This my friends is Micheal van Dijk. I found him on a model site last year and have been holding back on some of you bitches.
See Winter this is the kind of man i have been telling you about. Rough but just hot enough that you want to use some of that whip cream in the fridge on him.
OK enough of my fanasty's go post your own and get the hell out of mine. I dont do 3somes you sick bitches.


Winter said...

Mary, that 1st body is to die for. It explains why you have tongue spelled wrong! ;) Just givin' ya shit! LOL You just wait until next Monday. Shiny and I have a video to add to Marcus Monday.

The second dude... reminds me of David Ducovny. I might have some dudes more in your line hiding away in a folder on my puter. I was looking for rugged Marcuses tho.

I'll have to start doing some Saturday Skin for Skanks photos ....

rxvenomqueen said...

You've been holding THAT back??? How could you! *scoff* I can't believe this.

Anonymous said...

He was my hostdad. hahaha.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mary,

This Michiel van Dijk.
Yes, the guy in the picture!
I received your posting through a friend of mine.
Glad to hear I am to your liking. Can't wait for that whipped cream!