Macrus Award Slut

Macrus Award Slut

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Why not

Some people that know me figure I am pretty easy to figure out. Just let her watch, play or coach sports and she is happy. Not so fast my friends!!
Ever since my hubbie's grandma asked me about music I have been hooked on vinyl. She would ask me what I liked to listen to and considering her age I would say something like Johnny Cash. She had a box set that we would put on and listen to while we talked of my day and hers. Sometimes it would be one of the other artists but most times we would talk about them rather than listen. I even helped her figure out some of the music she was looking for.
IT seems I have a natural knack you could call it for remembering who sang what. Never knew I did until a song would come on and somebody would say; "Hey who sang that?" I would just blurt out who and everybody would look at me like how the hell you know that. When I was younger this embrassed me cause come on everything did than.
Now though I figure while this aint exactly helping em find a high paying job it at least is great to bust out at a party. I am great at Trivial Pursit when it comes to music questions. Plus i can rub it in hubbie's face when he thinks he knows it. I love those moments!!
So my question to everyone is why not? Why cant I like something more than sports? I am not a girly girl in any way but I can be a brainiac when it comes to music. I guess it just gets under my skin when some of the people I know look at me wierd when I say I like to collect vinyl.
This is my first post here and I decided why not.