Macrus Award Slut

Macrus Award Slut

Monday, February 25, 2008

Mucky Monday

I feel like bitching today so either stop reading now or sit back and think damn that sucks.
First off being pregant sucks. All the moms know what i talking about so quite rolling your eyes at me. Went to the doctor last Thursday and he says hey you in the home stretch. I look at him and tell him straight out "The home stretch sucks." Why is it that all my doctors laugh at me when I am being perfectly serious?
It seems to me that I have this talent I guess you could call it, to make all my doctors laugh. Worse part is I am being serious. When I tell you no shit give me more drugs I hurt, I really mean it. I am not Whoopi or Kathy Griffin. I really fucking mean I am in pain and need drugs. Laugh at me after you give me the drugs and I start saying burrito like it is the coolest word in the world. Which by the way, it really is a cool ass word to say when you are riding high.
So after I get done with the doc I have to pick up all this crap we need around the office. Of course it is busy as hell at Wal-Mart. There was ice on the road a little so the schools cancelled. Plus there was a call for more. In other words, Oh my god Ethel, go get the toliet paper and milk, we going die without it!! Freaking everybody was there and in my damn way. I made the trip alot faster than I should have and of course forgot half the crap I needed. SHIT!!!!
After I got home the kids were driving me and the hubbie nuts. All weekend it had been hell. JOSHIE JOSHIE JOSHIE!!!! SISSSY SISSSY SISSY!!!! That is all we hear when we try to get them to stop. I finally told them that if I heard one more crash, bang, or anything else I would just kill them and dump there bodies in the woods. They settled down for a little while. That was only saturday though.
Than i get a e-mail from the bank that works with Turbotax. Basically it said we have your money but only deposit once a week. Of course that is only done on friday. They got it on friday and of course they didnt have enough time to give it to my bank. Why me? I just want my money so I can pay off these bills and actually be bill free. Might even have enough left over to help get a new car. Lords know I need 3rd row seating now.
The worst part for me this weekend was how I was woken up Saturday morning. No Winter, I did not get morning loving. I had my left calf muscle cramp up so bad that I screamed. I slapped hubbie's back and woke him up begging him to rub it out. Only took 5 minutes. SO I was woken up at 630 in pain and hobbled all day. It only got worse and now I am sitting here with my calf wrapped up. It hurts to walk and of course live in a damn 2 story house. Yeah.
MY week is only going to get better. My boss is coming tomorrow and the next day the wonderful USDA comes to look at everything. I mean everything to. Starting with all my records and than going into the apartments. Yippee fucking skippy.


Winter said...

I get the cramp thing pretty bad myself, so I feel for you. But I posted a song AND a wallpaper for yo over on my blog. I know you got too many kids to have time to win the prize I'm giving away, but hell. You gotta birthday comin'. I'll send ya a diva shirt! ;) You deserve one, if only because you brave the hell that is Wally World. MUAH!