Macrus Award Slut

Macrus Award Slut

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Blah Tuesday

I am so not feeling well. I have a small fever and cannot actually stay asleep all night long. On top of the baby kicking the crap out of me cause he has no room this day sucks.

I have a doctor's apptionment this afternoon and am hoping for the energy to go. Right now it is just not there. The hubbie let me sleep in till 10 but I was awake at 8 just laying there. The cat came in and meowed at me 5 minutes later so that killed me trying to go back to sleep. Damn furball, thinks I should do everything for him including wipe his ass. If he wasnt so cute I would just thump him.

Hubbie came up and gave me the some of the cinnamon rolls he had made for breakfast. To bad the oven is starting to screw up and burn the bottom of everything we put in there. The top of them were just right. Only had them in for 5 minutes. Just another crappy thing to worry about.

Kids are on spring break so I get to hear their wonderful screeching start at 8 and end by 10 pm. Right now they are quiet because daddy told them if they werent the rest of the day we would throw them outside and make them sleep with the snakes. I know, that was not a great thing to say to our kids but trust me, they are used to empty threats like that. I think I am doing a fine job of screwing my kids up.

Ok now that I have whined about how crappy i feel and how I am screwing up my kids I am going to go lay down. I dont even have the energy to go look up a cutie to post. I have to be sick.