Macrus Award Slut

Macrus Award Slut

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Ahh Tuesday

Another day, another post. It is tuesday and I am feeling frisky. We are going to have 2 days in a row of nice weather. 2 days!! That actually means we can play a game today.

Finally after waiting and waiting for nice weather we have it. We play a team that plain and simple hates us. I cant blame them for that at all either. Our pitcher from last year actually hit everyone on the team. One poor girl got hit 6 times! Nope cant say I blame them at all.

Our girls are as ready as we can make them but there is more work to do. We have a few that are in new spots that well I am worried about. They are going to do the best they can but I am worried. Think I better stop and get a big bag of sunflower seeds. I am going to need something to eat on when I am worried.

Anyway, since my girl Winter is always nice enough to give me a hardbody on this day I will do the same for you. You know my view on this guy but he is yours so here ya go. A picture you proably already have but does that honestly bother you a bit?

AHHHHHH, he even has a rose for you. Just thought I throw some ho love your way. Now go and sin some some more you delightful ho you.


Lex Valentine said...

Yummy Marcus. And you didn't even get on my ass for forgetting a wallpaper for you. I was too excited that Diesel posted a comment and Fab's gonna let me be on his show. I will have to post the six packs tomorrow. I'm off to find something especially luscious for you! MUAH!