Macrus Award Slut

Macrus Award Slut

Thursday, March 6, 2008


It is thursday and I am not enjoying this week. It looks like we are going to get more snow, again. I swear mother nature is laughing.

With more snow on the way our first week of softball season is shot. That is 3 games we are not going to get back. Not cool! Our team is young and we need to play not sit on our asses. Plus that means we dont have those 3 games on our record. Not going to help us come the end of the season.Instead of me bitching about the weather, I have decided to find some nice pics to put up here. SO first one is, hell I cant remember the name. Lets just be shallow and drool over the prime example of male.

There two different guys. Both wanting to invite you into bed and eat some grapes, crackers or whatever is your pleasure. Even though if I was in bed with them than I wouldnt be thinking about eating. Maybe drinking so you could get them all nice and loose. Than have my way with them. Ok that is just my little fanasty.
What I do remember about these guys were the fact they are actors. I dont remember seeing their shows but if I did I might remember. Even though I think most of them were foriegn stuff. Like I would care what was being said if they were wearing this while acting.
Hopefully these nice little pics of half naked men can help all that might be pissing you off. Just do what I do when I am in a situation that I really dont want to think about. Imagine these men coming at you on a nice sunny beach with a cold drink in their hands. Ready and willing to please you however you want. Winter they are ready to give you a major pedicure.


Lex Valentine said...

Ooooh YUM. I soooo needed that Mare. There is nothing like a hottie to make you feel better. I'm so glad you're my bitch! MUAH!