Macrus Award Slut

Macrus Award Slut

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Rain Rain go away, bring on hotties anyday

It has steadly been raining here since Monday night. Yesterday was the heavy stuff. I had to go out in it and was soaked to the bone within 10 minutes. I swear I had wet weather stuff on but it just didnt help. Wet underwear is not cool!!

I told Winter I would post some hotties on here and I am a woman of my word. Sorry I couldnt do this yesterday but I was just to busy. Plus the littel one in the belly was being a super butthead yesterday.
First just for you Winter. Another pic of your man you proably already have but you will still drool over.

I sort of like the naked one but am also in my horny time of the month. Any hottie right now will put me over the top. Now for the rest of us I will just put out a collection of random hotties.

I love this picture of Ryan Reynolds in Blade. I mean come on he is freaking hot here. I am not into bondage that much but right there I would be just fine. He even has that cut there by his hips that makes you want to just trace it with your tonuge. Plus he is funny as hell. What more do you want in a man?

This guy is one that I just like to look at. Scott Macgergor is a good Scottish name and he make me think of what exactly might be under his kilt.
Finally nothing like a line of Hotties to finish ths blog. Take a moment and just imagine seeing this coming at you.


Lex Valentine said...

Oh so niiiiice Mary. Thank you thank you! Nothing like a hot man in a cool pair of jeans...