Macrus Award Slut

Macrus Award Slut

Monday, March 17, 2008

My weekend of shopping

With me getting closer to my due date my sister decided we needed to go shopping for baby. I looked at her and decided if it made her happy than so be it. Plus i seriously needed a day away from my guys. My and Liz are about to be totally outnumbered in the house. Another penis equals more boys than girls.

Anyway, if you have ever vistied this area you will know the only true shopping is really Wal-Mart. Yes I am a religous type towards the company but every now and than you have to go somewhere else. Considering the only other place that is even close to being ok for shopping here is basically second hand stores off to Branson we go!!

Yes I am talking about Branson, Missouri. Most people think of the place as a senior citzen's heaven. There are alot of shows there that mainly have 40's and 50's music groups. If not them than it is country. They also have places that get some of the big names, mainly country, to do concerts there.

On top of the music is shopping. 3 outlet malls, Branson Landing, and little specialty shops. If you can not find what you are looking for there than Springfield is only 30 more minutes north of there. It is a breath of fresh air for us little ole country folks.

Come Saturday morning my sister comes through and picks up myself, my mom and Liz. A girls day of shopping and eating food we like. I was happy that we used her truck. There is plenty of room in her back seat for me to turn and be comfortable. Little Mac is not so little in my tummy.

I wont bore you with all the shopping details. Trust me if there was a sale there we hit it. By the end of the day everyone was tired and Mary was hurting. Pregant women should not walk as much as I did that day. I swear I walked 6 miles. Liz was even ready to shop shopping and we didnt even hit the outlet malls.

My sister though was still ready to keep going. I looked at her like she had grown a 3rd head. We are totally different. I would rather sit back and watch sports on TV. She would rather watch soap operas or *gulp* Oprah. Considering it was her truck and she was driving we had to listen to Oprah and friends on her XM radio.

I am not a Oprah lover. Hell I had problems spelling her name properly. I had to think of her production company to spell it right. Now I love my sister but honestly where in the hell did she come from? Me and my brother are very similar. He knows he doesnt have to explain things to me, I understand. My sister has to talk to him even more to get it.

Could my mom have messed around with the mailman? I dont think so but it is a good question to think about. I do love her and we have gotten better communication going in our relationship. I mean we actually talk more than once a week. That is a big step for us.

Now we are going to have to get past this little thing where she wants my daughter to be all perfect and crap. She is a kid, I let her get dirty but also make sure she knows that she needs to clean up to. My sister wants her to be mega prissy but I would like to see her be able to be able to adapt to the situation. I think it is a good skill to have.

OK I feel like I have just rattled on and on. I am off to act like I am working. Hope ya'll have a good day!


Lex Valentine said...

Oprah is... gross. Icky. Sickening. I'm being polite here since it's not my blog or my sister... lol.