Macrus Award Slut

Macrus Award Slut

Saturday, March 1, 2008


Since my bitch WInter tagged my ass I decided to write this now. I would proably put it off and than feel bad sooooo......

1. I am a huge country music fan. I like all other kinds but honestly I would rather listen to country station than any other. It fits well into my life and the way I was raised. My fav artists in this genre are Terri Clark, Gretchen Wilson, Big and Rich, Tim Mcgraw, Hank Jr., Johnny Cash, Miranda Lambert, and of course my hottie Dierks Bentley.

2. Yes I have flashed my boobs at Mardi Gras. You try drinking all day and not showing something for some kick ass beads at 11 at night. Something else I did there, I danced on the bar at Coyete Ugly. Considering how big my ass is that is something to. I do not remember the song but have a picture that will not go on here, of me with my bud light shaking it. Like I said you try not doing something stupid when you are drinking all day. By the way, I am so going back. Get ready Big Easy, these DD's are coming back.

3. I am a history buff. I love WW 2 and everything that happened during it. The Civil War is pretty cool to. I just love knowing about all the battles and what made them happen. I have read books, reports and watched every movie I could about the times. I even watched a movie in sub-titles about a japanese sub crew. Wow, I just relieazed how nerdy that sounded. SHit me and my hubbie do belong together.

4. I was born in South Haven, Michigan. I know, I am a gung-ho southern girl but I am actually a damn Yankee (hangs head in shame). I was the first grandbaby on my dad's side and everyone was still living there. Mom and Dad got together and well along I came. My mom is also Candian.

5. I still have my Class A Commerical Driver License and still consider driving over the road. I mean I am a damn good driver (knock on wood), and would like to make more money for my family. Problem one with this plan, being away from the kids. That would suck. Problem 2, having to put up with all the shit from the male truckers out there. Some of them are cool but others are assholes that need a ass kickin. Problem 3, if I signed on with a company than I have to play by their rules. Problem 4, no way could I afford to do it on my own.

6. This is for Winter, I to went through a major slut time. 7 guys in 6 months. Not bad right? I was 19 and in the Army at my first duty station. South Korea is a hell of place to send a kid that had never really had any kind of freedom. I had dated 1 or 2 guys before but than I meet the first love. His name was Casey and was one of the mechanics on base. I hadnt dated any other guys on base cause of the never date at your work rule. Casey was the expection.
He was scruffy and manly, I was in love. He cheated on me just a month after I gave him my big V. Of course I was an idiot and took him back. Not once but twice. The third time I basically kicked his ass and decided hey lets get back at him and fuck every guy I can. Not the best plan in the world but I had some great sex. To bad I cant remember any of their names huh?

Ok there, I have posted 6 things you proably didnt know about me. I would tag others to do the same but honestly I only know 2 other folks blogging. So Winter and Shiny ya know the score.


Lex Valentine said...

Eventually, someone besides me and Shiny will be by here. I mean, c'mon, the people who hit my blog will want to know, "Who is this kick ass woman Winter keeps talking about?" LOL

HA! And I so knew you wanted to go to another Mardi Gras! HEH HEH