Macrus Award Slut

Macrus Award Slut

Friday, March 7, 2008

Baby Doc

As you know I am pregant and hating it. 33 weeks along and ready to get it over with. Especially after last night. Had a super bad night with little sleep.

Little guy is getting into position for him to come out. If not than he really likes to move around alot. Loves using his shoulder to do it to. Now his little butt is right below my stomach. Needless to say that means he is pushing it into my stomach. I had so much heartburn and the feeling that I was going to barf all night it was horrible.

Plus I am already going into super mom mode. Like I can hear anything and it wakes me up. I had started to get over that because my kids were getting old enough I didnt have to worry about every little hiccup. Now I am back to that. Hell I even wake up when the freaking cat stretches. How messed up is that.

Meet with my backup doc this morning. He seems to be a good guy and not cute. I just cant go to a doc that is cute. Especially if they are going to be looking at my special tingly spot. No way do I need to look down there and see someone cute.

Anyway back to the baby doc. He is a nice guy that has 3 kids of his own. I figure that means he knows when to move quickly and not to take what I say about all men's other region to heart. All woman know we cuss at that part no matter how much we enjoyed it before or even after. My usual doc is the same way so I feel ready to have this kid.

Funny part is I really do actually want to have it on April 1st. I know that sounds stupid but for those that know me it fits so perfectly. I like to have fun and if this isnt the prime example of having too much fun I dont know what is. We'll just have to see if god lets me have my way with this one.


Lex Valentine said...

I don't usually pray but for you I will Mary. Please God, let Mary pop this kid out on April Fool's Day. She will be making him regret his birthday for the rest of his life! LOL