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Macrus Award Slut

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Support group

HI my name is Mary and I am addicted to blogging. This is my first time admiting that. Wow what a weight off my shoulders. I have only been blogging for a couple months but it has just sucked me in. IS it wrong that I have to read my blogs first before I go to work or everything feels off?

I couldnt find anything worthy enough to post for renecking Tuesday. Nobody did anything stupid enough I guess. That means it was a slow week for the cops. There was the Model T truck wreck. Somebody lost some money on that.

Speaking of money I need to find a way to get some more. I have been applying for other jobs just trying to find something that actually pays me. This job is a soul sucker.

Perfect example of this, my boss got a e-mail from one of my tenants. This one is someone that is always on edge. Has some issues that I am not even touching. Anyway she complained about things that we had either A. taken care of or B. were in the process of being taken care of.

I can understand that she is mad that someone keeps getting into her place. She is thinking it is her sister cause they only take like a movie or something like that. We have changed her lock twice now and not charged her for it. Her window needs to be fixed but they dotn even make the damn thing anymore. We have had our Head maintenance guy informed of this for 2 months now and he has yet to show up. How is that my fault??

All I wish is that she would just seriously take us at our word of we are doing everything possible to help. Only thing left for us to do is camp outside her door when she is not there. Yeah I have a life so not doing that. The police have even stepped up their patorling of our place for her.

If anybody has any ideas on what I can do I am open to hearing them. Not much more I can think to do but I am opening myself up for any suggestions. IF bloggnation cant think of something than I am doing everything right. That would be a first.


Winter said...

Webcam... left on and pointed at the suspected point of entrance. If you've changed the locks and someone is still coming in the door... well maybe the freakazoid ain't locking her door when she leaves! Gawd I hate stupid annoying people who have nothing better to do than blame others for things they have caused to happen. Good luck with that Mary. I don't envy you!

Stacy said...

I agree with Winter on this one...gonna add that she should point one towards the back door also.

rxvenomqueen said...

I think you've exhausted your options. You put forth an effort so how is it your fault that this so called theif breaks into her place. For all you and Spence know, the woman may not be telling the entire story. Perhaps it is her sister and she was given a key to the new lock. I like Wint's idea. There's always stickers too that say the place is protected by such and such alarm company. Just a thought. I know if I were a thief, I'd be detered by it! :)