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Macrus Award Slut

Monday, August 25, 2008

It's a crime spree I tell ya!!

I cant help but post this. I know some of you will be like well duh dumb shits. Now let me tell ya before you say that remember I live in the woods here and everyone leaves their cars and trucks unlocked. I lock mine cause I got in the habit of it when I lived in Iowa. Big cities equal that I know. Just read and than tell me duh you dumbshits.

A spree of theft from mostly unlocked vehicles in Mountain Home and rural Baxter County is likely the work of the same thief or group of thieves, according to Baxter County Sheriff John Montgomery.

Montgomery said Sunday he began collaborating with the Mountain Home Police Department last week when the spree spread from the Indian Creek in Mountain Home to the Contemporary East subdivision in Baxter County that adjoins the city. He noted that cars and trucks parked at camp sites and marinas have also been the target of thieves. A common thread runs through many of the incidents, the sheriff said.

"In the vast majority of these incidents the victims left their vehicles unlocked," the sheriff said. "I think what we have here is someone walking through neighborhoods checking parked vehicles and stealing whatever they find from the ones they find unlocked.

"I believe it's the same thieves moving from one neighborhood to the next," the sheriff said. "I'm confident we're going to catch them."

The spree includes theft Thursday of a 38-caliber Smith and Wesson pistol from an unlocked vehicle at the residence of Kenneth Treat on Magnolia Court.

A GPS unit owned by M.B. Moore of Mountain Home was stolen from Moore's unlocked vehicle parked outside his residence on Holly Grove Drive in Mountain Home. A garage door opener in the vehicle was then used to enter a garage where property valued at $650 was stolen.

The sheriff said vehicles were ransacked in some cases and it is unclear if anything was stolen.

The Mountain Home Police Department took theft reports last week on properties worth a combined total of about $3,000 dollars from five vehicles in Indian Creek subdivision.

The sheriff said the best and most immediate defense is to lock vechiles.

See I told you that you would want to say duh. Yeah we aint the smartest folks in the world but these dumbasses are going to get their ass shot. That older lady up in Pennsyilvia that did that last week aint going to have nothing on what these folks around here are going to do.
The funniest part to me is that the majority of folks that live around here now all retired from up by Chicago or some other big city. Now tell me why you wont lock your car when you have to have one that is almost fucking bullet proof to drive through certain parts in Chi-town? The amazing things people do.


Winter said...

Heh. I love it when people are dumb.