Macrus Award Slut

Macrus Award Slut

Friday, August 22, 2008

Sing damn you sing

I was flipping through channels the other day and came upon Ellen Degrenes doing her thing. She had a intersting point on a sad affair. Why dont people sing anymore in their cars? Majority of the time they are either talking on the phone, putting makeup on or shaving.

Come on people like you really dont have enough time to shave before you get out the door. I am guilty about talking on the phone but only when I need to. Makeup no way and shaving ummmm not in the car.

I am already the one you see jamming along. I have cd's made for just the occasion. One for before softball and after. When I am feeling like singing a little ABBA goes a long way. My ipod is jammed packed full of songs that I know and love. Nothing like rapping along with Snoop while you are on the way to a doc's appt.

So I asking everyone i know to hang up, put the marscra down and dont even think bout shaving. Lets get back to the time when you would turn on the radio and jam. Put a Cd in and sing along to your fav songs. You know you want to.


Stacy said...

That's because a vast majority of ppl on the road nowdays get their license out of the cereal boxes. Or worse yet from horrible driving schools. Yanno there's a billboard up here for NIACC's truck driver training course...train and test in one day! I shudder to think about those yahoo's on the road in a rig.

Maybe you should take your campaign on the Become the national spokeswoman against mascara! :D

Shiny Bitch said...

Man, it's no wonder why I have all kinds of nicks and cuts on my legs! I need to start paying attention to the road and sing instead! Much much safer thing to do to pass the time while getting from point A to point B.

Winter said...

I live in CA. It's against the law to talk on the phone (handheld) in the car. I don't have a bluetooth earpiece yet so no phone while driving. And I don't go far enough hear but 1 song anyway. And have I told you that Ellen irks me almost as much as Oprah? Singing in the car is good though. If I had time to.