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Macrus Award Slut

Monday, July 28, 2008

Funny at wally world

Oh shit I got a great story for ya'll. If I wasnt laughing so much I would have taken a picture but you cant do that when you are laughing so hard you cry. And just so I can get it out right now here is my disclaimer: I love my hubbie I truly do but I cant help but laugh when he is in pain. Sorry honey.
Now the story:

My little girl Liz was at church with mom and I thought it would be good to take Josh and Mac with us to a nice lunch. Whatever Josh wanted. I felt bad cause he is the middle child and well he can get lost in the mix. That is he would if he would shut up.
SO he picks chiense and away we go. Closest is in Mountain Home and that is 20 minutes away. We get there and just our luck get the tail end of the church crowd. Personally think it is a great time to go cause at a buffet you get the freshest food than. Bad part is how dang noisely those folks are.
We eat and than go to Walmart to look at all the Thomas tank engine toys. These are my Josh's fav along with any thing on wheels. He was looking and telling us everything he wanted for his b-day which is at the end of December. After picking out everything and than some I thought it would be cool to show him the big Hulk hands.
You know the big green ones that when banged together say things like "HULK SMASH" & "HULK MAD." He loves them and wants them real bad. Well I was looking at Mac and making him smile when I hear this squeal. I turn and see Derek on his knees holding his crotch right there in the middle of Wally World.
OK I a bad wife cause rather than make sure he is ok I started laughing. I did take the gloves away from Josh though. Especially after he hit him again in the head and back. Best part was when he hit him the loveable gloves said,"HULK SMASH!!"
I know you are laughing dont lie. I still am and this was yesterday. When Derek finally said something it was, "I think I have ovaries now." It took about 30 minutes until he felt semi normal. I am sure it will take days until something even funnier takes it place or he gets smashed in the balls again by his sons.
I just thought ya'll would enjoy this small peice of my life. It isnt all roses but there sure are some hellious burst of daisy's.


Winter said...

Ok, I'll admit to a snicker or two. Kids are the great playing field equalizer. Sure women have childbirth, but men have years of being smacked in the nuts by people whose fists and heads are at crotch level.

Charlene said...

~~getting hit in the nuts by green hulk hands~~maybe there should be a warning label on the hulk hands~~caution~will cause men to think they have ovaries~~

Winter said...

Hey woman! Check out my Sunday post. I have something for you on there! MUAH!

Stacy said...

Okay..I also admit to a snicker or three and I will admit to laughing when Emma nails Damon in the nads.