Macrus Award Slut

Macrus Award Slut

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

fun fun b-day

The 24th is my b-day. On that day my mother was pushing me out into this world. I couldnt have been easy. I am going to have to thank her for all the pushing. I thought for my b-day post I would fill it up with some stupid facts from the year I was born, 1977.

Menduo was formed. Yes the latin sensation of never ending boys.
Annie Hall was a hit.
Jimmy Carter tripped his way into the Oval office.
Fleetwood Mac released Rumors
The Clash released their first album
The first Apple II computers go on sale
INXS is formed in Australia
Never mind the bollocks heres the sex pistols is released in the UK
Atrai 2600 game system released
Freaking Dustin Diamond other wise known as Screech was born during this year.
Liv Tyler was also born
Phillip K Wrigley died Yes the gum dude
The king Elivs Presely also died, long live the KING
Lynard Skynard members, Steve & Cassie Gaines and Ronnie Van Zant die in a plane crash
Charlie Chaplin also passed away

ON my actual day of birth Led Zepplin plays their last US concert in Oakland, CA. The band crew gets in a fight with the promoters crew that resulted in arrests of many inculding the drummer John Bonham.

Yeah I ended the facts with death & a fight but heyI aint going to live forever. Ya'll have a super day!!


Winter said...


Charlene said...

happy late birthday~~hope you had a great one~~gosh i am more than twice your age~i am older than dirt

MaryO said...

Not older just more experienced and beatiful. That all.