Macrus Award Slut

Macrus Award Slut

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Work...yeah I could live without it

The last few days have been so busy for me that I dont know what I did today. I know I got to sleep in today but that muscle relaxer I took is the reason for that. Plus it was raining and I love to sleep in on those days.

Let me recap my week so far. Monday I was finshing up my painting and attempting to get it ready for a new renter. For the new readers I am a maintenance chick while my hubbie does the office work at a 32 unit complex. Yeah we the back asswards couple but it works. It takes alot to get a place looking new when the last time it was I was like 14.

I worked for 10 hours Monday not only working on #28 but i also fixed other things. Kitchen facuet...check. Leaking AC unit.... check. Helping to hang curatins....yeah check. OK got done with that day and on to Tueaday. Oh yeah the fucking grass needs to be cut....shit. As you can tell I really hate cutting my grass. I live on a hill and plus living in Arkansas means we grow rocks. I got all the big mowing done, only took 3 hours. Got the push mower out and pulled the cord...nothing. FUCK!!!!!!!!! It broke and I really dont feel like fixing it cause it is a pain the ass. More trouble than it would be worth so I get to talk the boss into buying a new one. Yippee.

So that killed my mowing. Not to bad of a thing considering it was freaking 92 yesterday. Bad part was my yard looks like crap around the office which is important. Praying that my boss doesnt show up this week. IF so I am so screwed. She is a loomly figure that yes scares the shit out of me. I call her my momma that can fire me.

The rest of Tuesday was basically me trying not to get sick cause I was feeling like crap from my sinuses and oh joy of joys Aunt flow came to visit me after a nice break from her. 11 months of not having to deal with bloating, cramps and the other stuff was nice. I finally felt better after a nap and some gatorade. So i finished # 28 for good and gave up the rest of the day.

Today i woke up late and felt like crap. My back didnt hurt though so that rocks. I had to the health unit and thank god that didnt take long. Than I got to go to Walmart and yeah that was fun. Than back to work I go. Oh wait, I got calls about my student loans. I faxed them everything they needed and by that time it was lunch. After a quick corndog it was off to paint the next apartment.

I worked the rest of the day just prepping the place for me to. Now I am finally done but oh yeah I get to pain tomorrow. It is only Wednesday and I wanna go on vacation again.


Winter said...

I could too. The list is too long to mention. I'm tired. I just wanna sit in a comfy seat in a cool shady place and write on a laptop and be served drinks by hot cabana boys. I think we should all save up for that vacation. Can you imagine you, me, Shiny, and Jen on our loungers, typing up our Bar posts while we're getting drunk, ogling the cute young thangs, and talking plot? *sigh* Sounds like heaven to me...