Macrus Award Slut

Macrus Award Slut

Saturday, July 12, 2008

OK I can do this

I was checking out my girl Winter's blog and really enjoyed her take on this tag. I thought hell I can answer these questions. I at least I can. Might have to rack my brain a little for some of the answers but hell I didnt drink last night I can do this.

Where were you ten years ago?
I cant not actualy tell you the exact place cause I was proably hung over or drunk but I know I was in Fort Hood, Texas. I was serving with the army. I worked hard and played even harder. You name the bar there I may remember being in it. If not I was proably in it but todrunk to remember. Yes I drank a lot but I also did alot of cool things there.

5 Things on your to do list
1. Fold the clothes.
2. Move the book case. This is going to be a hell of a job.
3. Just relax. Nto much to do thsi weekend and Hubbie is gone to National Guard.
4. Keep house clean
5. Softball pratice this weekend. My woman's league team is going to have a least one before the league starts Tuesday.

5 places you have lived
Mannhiem, Germany: Got to live there for 4 months. The army is a great way to see the world.
Fort Hood, Texas: Yeah Texas is a wild state.
Camp Edwards, South Korea: Another Army post. Sometimes I wonder what the hell they were thinking sending a 19 year old there first. I got to see some cool things but also learned to drink ALOT.
Huxley, Iowa: This is where my hubbie is from. It was ok but way to flat for me. My joke was yes I live where you can watch your dog run away for 3 miles.
FLippin, Arkansas: Where I live right now and my home.

5 Bad habits
1. Drinking. I can stop but when I do drink I seem to drink alot.
2. Temper, Temper. Only took me...hell I still have a bad temeper but I have learned to control it.
3. I eat to much junk. I have tried to eat better but come on. Veggies or choclate?
4. I am stubborn. If I think I right than it will take you moving a mountain to prove I am wrong.
5. Hummmm.... might soudn bad but honestly dont know what else I have bad habit about.

5 jobs you’ve had
Gas station clerk: Ugh is all I have to say.
Truck/bus driver: In teh army but also a little in the real world.
Shirt factory: Cant remember the actual name of the job but all I did was iron shirts than send them onto packing. It sucked.
McDonald's: Yeah this job blew. Only lasted a few months and that was to long.
Production line at a specialty bio-agronomic and colorant products compnay: Ok this job really blew. I would help mix the shit that lined the football stadiums and stuff like that. HTe other thing was products that would get rid of deer, help farmers know where they sprayed and the worst, make little dye that would go ito ponds at golf courses so it woudl makle it blue and kill alge. The last one sucked the most. You would be inthis room all day and come out looking like a fucking smurf. You would have to shower with this special stuff to scrub it off and even sweat it out later. Blue sweat freaks people out.

How was your blog named?
I just thought I had ot put my 2 cents into it. Everyone has a view of something so why not price it.

What would I do if I was a billionare?
All the things on my to bucket list first. Visit Ireland and Scotland. The land of my family. Take which ever of the Bar bitches that wants to go to. I know they will put mirrors on top of their shoes, it ok someone has to do it.
Build my dream house of course. Help out my family with some of their dreams and give them good jobs within my company.
BasicallyI would work hard to keep it for my kids but also enjoy it and give to others to try and make a difference. If I can help change one persons life for the good than I would count myself successful.

Ok that is it. I would proably write more about the money thing but Mackers is yelling at me. Poor guy is so abused let me tell ya....pffftttt.


Lex Valentine said...

I'll go with ya across the ocean! Dunno about the mirrors on my shoes since I always wear flip flops. I think Shiny will have to do the shoe thing.

Crazy Charlene said...

i wanted to post and say i appreciate your posts while i was with dad at the heart hospital~~he is now at local hospital for stroke therapy and mom's dr called and her bladder cancer has not returned
thanks for your thoughts