Macrus Award Slut

Macrus Award Slut

Monday, July 28, 2008

Funny at wally world

Oh shit I got a great story for ya'll. If I wasnt laughing so much I would have taken a picture but you cant do that when you are laughing so hard you cry. And just so I can get it out right now here is my disclaimer: I love my hubbie I truly do but I cant help but laugh when he is in pain. Sorry honey.
Now the story:

My little girl Liz was at church with mom and I thought it would be good to take Josh and Mac with us to a nice lunch. Whatever Josh wanted. I felt bad cause he is the middle child and well he can get lost in the mix. That is he would if he would shut up.
SO he picks chiense and away we go. Closest is in Mountain Home and that is 20 minutes away. We get there and just our luck get the tail end of the church crowd. Personally think it is a great time to go cause at a buffet you get the freshest food than. Bad part is how dang noisely those folks are.
We eat and than go to Walmart to look at all the Thomas tank engine toys. These are my Josh's fav along with any thing on wheels. He was looking and telling us everything he wanted for his b-day which is at the end of December. After picking out everything and than some I thought it would be cool to show him the big Hulk hands.
You know the big green ones that when banged together say things like "HULK SMASH" & "HULK MAD." He loves them and wants them real bad. Well I was looking at Mac and making him smile when I hear this squeal. I turn and see Derek on his knees holding his crotch right there in the middle of Wally World.
OK I a bad wife cause rather than make sure he is ok I started laughing. I did take the gloves away from Josh though. Especially after he hit him again in the head and back. Best part was when he hit him the loveable gloves said,"HULK SMASH!!"
I know you are laughing dont lie. I still am and this was yesterday. When Derek finally said something it was, "I think I have ovaries now." It took about 30 minutes until he felt semi normal. I am sure it will take days until something even funnier takes it place or he gets smashed in the balls again by his sons.
I just thought ya'll would enjoy this small peice of my life. It isnt all roses but there sure are some hellious burst of daisy's.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Mamma Mia here I go again!!

I saw the movie last night and cant get the songs out of my head. I just wanna shake my ass and sing as loud as i can. And none of ya'll tell me you havent heard a ABBA song and not wanted to. They are just to danceable to not want to.

I have seen the touring broadway version and was worried that they would screw it up....thank god they didnt. They made it to make you laugh, cry and want to sing and dance, just like the broadway one. I love this version and will own it as soon as it comes out.

Meryl Streep has an amazing voice. The way she can sing the song and push out the emotions to is wow. IF she does not get an oscar nod for this they have no freaking clue what they are doing.

Chritisan Baransky, who you may remember from that show Cybill or the grinch's love interst in the Jim Carrey version, is a great cougar in this one. I loved her parts. My fav charater though is Rosie played Julie Walters. She has been in some of the Harry Potter movies as Mrs. Weasley. She is a freaking hiliarous person. Always has a quick comeback or funny word.

If you wanna go see a movie that is perfect for a girls night out or even just to have a good time SEE THIS ONE. Yeah you will come out of the theater singing to. Dont lie ya'll know some of the words to a ABBA song. Go see this one!!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

fun fun b-day

The 24th is my b-day. On that day my mother was pushing me out into this world. I couldnt have been easy. I am going to have to thank her for all the pushing. I thought for my b-day post I would fill it up with some stupid facts from the year I was born, 1977.

Menduo was formed. Yes the latin sensation of never ending boys.
Annie Hall was a hit.
Jimmy Carter tripped his way into the Oval office.
Fleetwood Mac released Rumors
The Clash released their first album
The first Apple II computers go on sale
INXS is formed in Australia
Never mind the bollocks heres the sex pistols is released in the UK
Atrai 2600 game system released
Freaking Dustin Diamond other wise known as Screech was born during this year.
Liv Tyler was also born
Phillip K Wrigley died Yes the gum dude
The king Elivs Presely also died, long live the KING
Lynard Skynard members, Steve & Cassie Gaines and Ronnie Van Zant die in a plane crash
Charlie Chaplin also passed away

ON my actual day of birth Led Zepplin plays their last US concert in Oakland, CA. The band crew gets in a fight with the promoters crew that resulted in arrests of many inculding the drummer John Bonham.

Yeah I ended the facts with death & a fight but heyI aint going to live forever. Ya'll have a super day!!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

OK I can do this

I was checking out my girl Winter's blog and really enjoyed her take on this tag. I thought hell I can answer these questions. I at least I can. Might have to rack my brain a little for some of the answers but hell I didnt drink last night I can do this.

Where were you ten years ago?
I cant not actualy tell you the exact place cause I was proably hung over or drunk but I know I was in Fort Hood, Texas. I was serving with the army. I worked hard and played even harder. You name the bar there I may remember being in it. If not I was proably in it but todrunk to remember. Yes I drank a lot but I also did alot of cool things there.

5 Things on your to do list
1. Fold the clothes.
2. Move the book case. This is going to be a hell of a job.
3. Just relax. Nto much to do thsi weekend and Hubbie is gone to National Guard.
4. Keep house clean
5. Softball pratice this weekend. My woman's league team is going to have a least one before the league starts Tuesday.

5 places you have lived
Mannhiem, Germany: Got to live there for 4 months. The army is a great way to see the world.
Fort Hood, Texas: Yeah Texas is a wild state.
Camp Edwards, South Korea: Another Army post. Sometimes I wonder what the hell they were thinking sending a 19 year old there first. I got to see some cool things but also learned to drink ALOT.
Huxley, Iowa: This is where my hubbie is from. It was ok but way to flat for me. My joke was yes I live where you can watch your dog run away for 3 miles.
FLippin, Arkansas: Where I live right now and my home.

5 Bad habits
1. Drinking. I can stop but when I do drink I seem to drink alot.
2. Temper, Temper. Only took me...hell I still have a bad temeper but I have learned to control it.
3. I eat to much junk. I have tried to eat better but come on. Veggies or choclate?
4. I am stubborn. If I think I right than it will take you moving a mountain to prove I am wrong.
5. Hummmm.... might soudn bad but honestly dont know what else I have bad habit about.

5 jobs you’ve had
Gas station clerk: Ugh is all I have to say.
Truck/bus driver: In teh army but also a little in the real world.
Shirt factory: Cant remember the actual name of the job but all I did was iron shirts than send them onto packing. It sucked.
McDonald's: Yeah this job blew. Only lasted a few months and that was to long.
Production line at a specialty bio-agronomic and colorant products compnay: Ok this job really blew. I would help mix the shit that lined the football stadiums and stuff like that. HTe other thing was products that would get rid of deer, help farmers know where they sprayed and the worst, make little dye that would go ito ponds at golf courses so it woudl makle it blue and kill alge. The last one sucked the most. You would be inthis room all day and come out looking like a fucking smurf. You would have to shower with this special stuff to scrub it off and even sweat it out later. Blue sweat freaks people out.

How was your blog named?
I just thought I had ot put my 2 cents into it. Everyone has a view of something so why not price it.

What would I do if I was a billionare?
All the things on my to bucket list first. Visit Ireland and Scotland. The land of my family. Take which ever of the Bar bitches that wants to go to. I know they will put mirrors on top of their shoes, it ok someone has to do it.
Build my dream house of course. Help out my family with some of their dreams and give them good jobs within my company.
BasicallyI would work hard to keep it for my kids but also enjoy it and give to others to try and make a difference. If I can help change one persons life for the good than I would count myself successful.

Ok that is it. I would proably write more about the money thing but Mackers is yelling at me. Poor guy is so abused let me tell ya....pffftttt.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Work...yeah I could live without it

The last few days have been so busy for me that I dont know what I did today. I know I got to sleep in today but that muscle relaxer I took is the reason for that. Plus it was raining and I love to sleep in on those days.

Let me recap my week so far. Monday I was finshing up my painting and attempting to get it ready for a new renter. For the new readers I am a maintenance chick while my hubbie does the office work at a 32 unit complex. Yeah we the back asswards couple but it works. It takes alot to get a place looking new when the last time it was I was like 14.

I worked for 10 hours Monday not only working on #28 but i also fixed other things. Kitchen facuet...check. Leaking AC unit.... check. Helping to hang curatins....yeah check. OK got done with that day and on to Tueaday. Oh yeah the fucking grass needs to be cut....shit. As you can tell I really hate cutting my grass. I live on a hill and plus living in Arkansas means we grow rocks. I got all the big mowing done, only took 3 hours. Got the push mower out and pulled the cord...nothing. FUCK!!!!!!!!! It broke and I really dont feel like fixing it cause it is a pain the ass. More trouble than it would be worth so I get to talk the boss into buying a new one. Yippee.

So that killed my mowing. Not to bad of a thing considering it was freaking 92 yesterday. Bad part was my yard looks like crap around the office which is important. Praying that my boss doesnt show up this week. IF so I am so screwed. She is a loomly figure that yes scares the shit out of me. I call her my momma that can fire me.

The rest of Tuesday was basically me trying not to get sick cause I was feeling like crap from my sinuses and oh joy of joys Aunt flow came to visit me after a nice break from her. 11 months of not having to deal with bloating, cramps and the other stuff was nice. I finally felt better after a nap and some gatorade. So i finished # 28 for good and gave up the rest of the day.

Today i woke up late and felt like crap. My back didnt hurt though so that rocks. I had to the health unit and thank god that didnt take long. Than I got to go to Walmart and yeah that was fun. Than back to work I go. Oh wait, I got calls about my student loans. I faxed them everything they needed and by that time it was lunch. After a quick corndog it was off to paint the next apartment.

I worked the rest of the day just prepping the place for me to. Now I am finally done but oh yeah I get to pain tomorrow. It is only Wednesday and I wanna go on vacation again.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

More pics

Couldnt help myself. Here are more pics of my little guy Mac and the wedding.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Vacation??? What's that???

As many of you know I was out of town this past weekend. I traveled up to the great north for my little brother's wedding. I also had the privilege of actually meeting Shinygal. I loved the minutes I got to spend at the wedding and Shiny's house. It was all the traveling that I hated.

The pics are of my little brother Matt and his beatiful wife Georgia. It was a awesome ceremony and fit with these 2 perfectly. I am so happy that my little brother found the perfect woman for him. I am also happy that our family's get along. Now I know that everyone is happy with their spouse's I can concertate on my marriage. Always the big sister.

Now on to my visit with my girl Shiny. I think we have been talking online for almost 3 years now and this is the first time we have met. She is just as cool in person as online. Just so ya'll know, she is not nearly as shiny in person either. We had a few moments but not nearly as many as online. Shout out to ya Shiny!! Thanks for a great time and remember, you want to come down I got ya girl. I promise to find a strip club here to so we can meet a Bubba ;) Zues needs some company in our memories.