Macrus Award Slut

Macrus Award Slut

Monday, July 20, 2009

Softball heaven

I LUV SOFTBALL!!! I was lucky enough to go to the World cup of Softball this weekend. It was a great weekend spent with my pitcher and my little girl. We had fun and also went to the zoo. Tumey had never been to a zoo so I was glad to help her out. Everyone should experience a zoo once.
Now it is monday and I have to work. I dont want to I want a vacation. I dont have the money to go anywhere but that dont mean I have to work. Bah, I just dont want to do a damn thing. Not a bad thing but it kills the paycheck.
I am glad I dont have to mow today but there still plenty to do. Got to change a light out and fix a drawer. After that I really dont have anything to do. That sucks but hey something will go wrong soon.
Hope ya'll have a good day. Yeah I know this short but I dont have much to say yet. Part of that dont want to do anything but take a nap.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Another busy weekend

I know I havent been on here of late but hey I got ten millionand one things going. There only one of me ya know.
First I went to the College World Series in Okie City this past weekend. Man that was awesome. I got totally sunburned on my arms but so worth it. Stayed for 4 games and saw some of the best softball ever. I am going back in July for the World Cup of softball. I cant wait for that and figure it is a great b-day present.
School is going ok. I am taking a Visual arts class. Yeah already late on my first assignment. Great way to start a 4 week class. Going to take speech next semster so my summer is already intersting.
Parts that suck are the layoff and closings of the local plants. my stepmom got laid off. My mom, stepdad, dad and brother in-law are all going to be taking a summer vacation wheter they like it or not. Ranger is closign down production for 4weeks. Yeah they get unemployment but 4 weeks with no work sucks.
Right now I am happy I have a job and can pay my bills. Well most of them anyway. Got to figure out one thing to pay less on. After that I'll be fine. Heres hoping the rest of you are doing good too.

Friday, April 17, 2009

SSSoooo tired

I have been coaching a high school softball team. Most of you know that softball is a love of mine. Coahcing is a way for me to give back to the sport that saved me from a crappy life.

I give so much to the girls that I am butt tired all the time. I have so much energy when I am around them but once I am home, stick a fork in me, I am done. I dont even give myself time to eat when I am aroudn those girls. Which is amazing considering they eat all the time. All I do is guzzle gatorade and water while yelling at them. They are used to me yelling so dont think it is a bad thing.

I feel like I am wrong in doing this caue I am taking away time from my own kids. Funnypart is I think my kids are ok with that. They can get away with more when I am not home. Daddy tries be on top of stuff but honestly he has to learn to mulit task. On the weekends I try to make it up to each of the kids. I am planning on going to a tea party with Liz next weekend. I got to talk to my dad and get Josh fishing. Mac just loves me beign around period so that easy. Play with him for a day and snuggle at night ngiht time and he a happy boy.

Now if I can figure out a way to just be Mary I will be a happy person. Right now it feels like I am putting me on teh back shelf. I have had my own softball team practice so that helps. Even there though I feel as if I am putting the team in front of me. I guess I just need a vacation. Like that is going to happen.

I really had nowhere I was going with this blog. Guess I just had to vent. Thanks for letting me. Now go hug someone you love.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Another old school try

We are trying again. NO not babies. That is like me saying I need another ass. We are going to try and get Spence published. His book is 95,000 words that I think would be great for others to read.
He wrote this thing a few years ago and has shopped it out there. He got his first thanks but no thanks letter. Why he was happy I dont know but he was. Now we are trying again. A friend of mine, Lex Valentine, put out her first book with them this month and told her publisher about him. The very nice lady named Mary, great name by the way, was excited to get it. She wants to put out some fanasty and this is right down that ally.
I just hope that something happens. Yes it is a small company that publishes on the net but honestly that is the new thing to do. Plus as long as he gets it out there than that should be a good thing. It takes one small step to get to the big stuff.
Hopefully one day soon I will be able to hype up when his book comes out. Until than cross fingers, toes, or whatever is handy for him.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

quick post

I have been busy so I will catch you up quickly. Got to run the boy to school in 15 minutes. So I get to have a fight with him within that time on brushing our teeth and putting our socks on. Yippee!!

First, girl scout cookie sales went great. Liz hit her goal cause daddy bought the the last 16 boxes sixteen boxes she needed. Now we are waiting on getting them and than delivering.
School is going fine. I have been doing fine on my quizzes. THe exams are another thing, Ithink. I just took my first but totally blanked on it. Not really looking forward to getting that back.
Just issued the first sock order. SO did daddy.
I will be starting softball anyday now. Actually I wanted to start already but new school that doesnt understand me yet. It wont take long though so this might get real intersting real quick.
We have had our mass exdous of apartments. 3 open right now that all have to be painted. Almost done withthe 2 bedroom. The others are just going to have to wait until I get there. Which means we cant rent them out utnil I done. IE Ruby the boss will hollar at Spence until they are.
In bewteen all this I am attempting to be there for my kids. I am overworked right now and need a vacation. It would be nice if I could do a week with no worries and no kids. Not going to happen but it is a nice dream. Off to change a stinky butt and yell at Josh.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Ice but not enough Booze

I was iced in all week with little booze and 3 kids that couldnt go outside. Honestly only 2 of the 3 can go outside but still werent allowed to. There was so much ice falling out of the trees that I just didnt trust it. All I needed was a kid walking in with blood running down their face. Did I menition I am not all that good with blood?
Mac was sick after getting his flu shot on Monday. I had a whining baby that wanted all my attention, 2 kids that wanted to play and a hubbie that wanted me to hurry up and move the branches to the ditch.
I was hurting the last few days from all the work and stress of the first part of the week. Cutting trees, no power, worried that we wouldnt have water, no cable, and the kids taking and losing my favortie necklace. Yeah I have had better weeks.
The biggest thing that really pisses me off is the reaction from my government. I am talking about my state folks. Our governor basically ingnored the pleas from our local officals to send help. Than he flys over and stops for 20 minutes and has it all figured out. Please, I wiped my ass of the all the crap so dont give me more. If he would have freaking listened the first 4 days help was called for than we would be ahead. Instead there are people that hopefully have been heard from by now.
I hope ya'll have a great day. I will be moving al these branches to the ditch so they can sit there for a few weeks. Than FEMA might just actually get their ass in gear and take care of them.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Long time no talkie

Yeah yeah yeah, I know I know I know. Bad Mary, no blogging. I have been busy and just now getting over a cold. It seems like the first month in the new year is busier than ever. Plus, with the new year that equals new worries. Acutally they are old ones just reappiled in a new year.
Money, money, money. Sounds like a ABBA song I know. I just cant make enough to pull my family up out of the red. I flirt with that line so much I should just fuck it and be done with it. Instead I figure out ways to make a dollar into two. How I get this family through some months I will never know.
I am trying out different ideas and plans that I have read about. So far the only one that works is none of them. How in the hell do people expect me to save for retirement when i have 3 kids? The last thing on my mind is retirement at this stage in life. The only thing that I know will help my kids go to college is the trust fund that my hubbie gets when his father passes away.
I know this sounds like I am raving. Well I am dammnit. I cant help but be pissy about being broke before mid month. I get paid once a month and I can only stretch that little bit of money so far. The only thing that actually helps my family to live is our GI Bill money. That is a huge reason both myself and the hubbie go to college. I get almost a thousand and he gets half of that. Now you tell me you wouldnt go to school if you were getting almost $1500 extra a month to?
I know this isnt the funniest post I have done but I needed to get this out and the hubbie well he has heard it all before in one form or another. Usually after he does something stupid we have to pay for. Still wonder what the hell he was thinking when he buys me jewelry on a payment plan? IF I wanted the dman stuff I would buy it when we actually have the bills paid. Right now it is Wal-Mart stuff baby.
Alright I am done being bitchy and poor me'ing. I know I got it good compared to others in this world. I have something that is more precious than any gold, diamonds, rubies or cash could ever buy. A house full of love. I know it sounds corny but somedays that is all that keeps me going. I think I am going to go hug my kids or hubbie now. Go do the same people!!