Macrus Award Slut

Macrus Award Slut

Monday, February 2, 2009

Ice but not enough Booze

I was iced in all week with little booze and 3 kids that couldnt go outside. Honestly only 2 of the 3 can go outside but still werent allowed to. There was so much ice falling out of the trees that I just didnt trust it. All I needed was a kid walking in with blood running down their face. Did I menition I am not all that good with blood?
Mac was sick after getting his flu shot on Monday. I had a whining baby that wanted all my attention, 2 kids that wanted to play and a hubbie that wanted me to hurry up and move the branches to the ditch.
I was hurting the last few days from all the work and stress of the first part of the week. Cutting trees, no power, worried that we wouldnt have water, no cable, and the kids taking and losing my favortie necklace. Yeah I have had better weeks.
The biggest thing that really pisses me off is the reaction from my government. I am talking about my state folks. Our governor basically ingnored the pleas from our local officals to send help. Than he flys over and stops for 20 minutes and has it all figured out. Please, I wiped my ass of the all the crap so dont give me more. If he would have freaking listened the first 4 days help was called for than we would be ahead. Instead there are people that hopefully have been heard from by now.
I hope ya'll have a great day. I will be moving al these branches to the ditch so they can sit there for a few weeks. Than FEMA might just actually get their ass in gear and take care of them.


Stacy said...

Good Luck hon. I hope you all can get it cleaned up right soon. And so glad that you all kept safe..those are some mean pics you posted.