Macrus Award Slut

Macrus Award Slut

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

quick post

I have been busy so I will catch you up quickly. Got to run the boy to school in 15 minutes. So I get to have a fight with him within that time on brushing our teeth and putting our socks on. Yippee!!

First, girl scout cookie sales went great. Liz hit her goal cause daddy bought the the last 16 boxes sixteen boxes she needed. Now we are waiting on getting them and than delivering.
School is going fine. I have been doing fine on my quizzes. THe exams are another thing, Ithink. I just took my first but totally blanked on it. Not really looking forward to getting that back.
Just issued the first sock order. SO did daddy.
I will be starting softball anyday now. Actually I wanted to start already but new school that doesnt understand me yet. It wont take long though so this might get real intersting real quick.
We have had our mass exdous of apartments. 3 open right now that all have to be painted. Almost done withthe 2 bedroom. The others are just going to have to wait until I get there. Which means we cant rent them out utnil I done. IE Ruby the boss will hollar at Spence until they are.
In bewteen all this I am attempting to be there for my kids. I am overworked right now and need a vacation. It would be nice if I could do a week with no worries and no kids. Not going to happen but it is a nice dream. Off to change a stinky butt and yell at Josh.