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Macrus Award Slut

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Long time no talkie

Yeah yeah yeah, I know I know I know. Bad Mary, no blogging. I have been busy and just now getting over a cold. It seems like the first month in the new year is busier than ever. Plus, with the new year that equals new worries. Acutally they are old ones just reappiled in a new year.
Money, money, money. Sounds like a ABBA song I know. I just cant make enough to pull my family up out of the red. I flirt with that line so much I should just fuck it and be done with it. Instead I figure out ways to make a dollar into two. How I get this family through some months I will never know.
I am trying out different ideas and plans that I have read about. So far the only one that works is none of them. How in the hell do people expect me to save for retirement when i have 3 kids? The last thing on my mind is retirement at this stage in life. The only thing that I know will help my kids go to college is the trust fund that my hubbie gets when his father passes away.
I know this sounds like I am raving. Well I am dammnit. I cant help but be pissy about being broke before mid month. I get paid once a month and I can only stretch that little bit of money so far. The only thing that actually helps my family to live is our GI Bill money. That is a huge reason both myself and the hubbie go to college. I get almost a thousand and he gets half of that. Now you tell me you wouldnt go to school if you were getting almost $1500 extra a month to?
I know this isnt the funniest post I have done but I needed to get this out and the hubbie well he has heard it all before in one form or another. Usually after he does something stupid we have to pay for. Still wonder what the hell he was thinking when he buys me jewelry on a payment plan? IF I wanted the dman stuff I would buy it when we actually have the bills paid. Right now it is Wal-Mart stuff baby.
Alright I am done being bitchy and poor me'ing. I know I got it good compared to others in this world. I have something that is more precious than any gold, diamonds, rubies or cash could ever buy. A house full of love. I know it sounds corny but somedays that is all that keeps me going. I think I am going to go hug my kids or hubbie now. Go do the same people!!


Anonymous said...

Seriously..start using coupons Mare...I can show you how to use them so they actually are worth something. Also, where do you do your grocery shopping? If its Walmart, then find ALL the sale ads you can for the stores in MH and take them with you to Wally World when you go. They will price match any price except for Buy One Get One and percents off.