Macrus Award Slut

Macrus Award Slut

Friday, May 16, 2008

My hubbie, the ass

Did you hear that?? Yes that is me sighing. Lord knows I love myhubbie but he is a huge ass sometimes. He is one of the smartest adn dumbest people I know.

Many of you know that hubbie is the national guard and has to be called away from time to time to serve. He is gone for his 2 weeks this month. 2 weeks of me in charge of everything around here. The office, kids and maintenance, all on me. Ugh.

This has been scheduled for awhile now. He knew he had to go but did he finish his work before he went.....HELL NO!! For 2 weeks prior to this I asked him if it was done. Reminding him that it needed to get done. His answer was it will. *looking at the stack of paperwork on desk* Freaking liar.

Now not only do I have to make sure the kids get everywhere they need to go, the empty apartment got cleaned and rented out, recertifications of leases done, grass mowed, baby taken care of, house cleaned, laundry done, food cooked, dishes cleaned, and basic maintenance of the apartments,I also have to recover from having Mackers. Nope got nothing to do.

So, Derek, if you are reading this, you are in a shit load of trouble. This summer is going to be hell on you and dont even think for one second you can complain about shit. You are going to be the babysitter, office worker, and basic bitch for me. The only perk you will get out of this summer is seeing your brother. You sure the hell arent getting any sex.


Unknown said...

You call seeing Damon a perk? Lol...

Lex Valentine said...

Someone's in trouble! LOL Why do I take unholy delight in that?

BTW, you need to email me your real addy again. I'm getting Mackers something next week.

Anonymous said...

wow...remind me never to piss you off Mare. You'll get through it all, though. You're the ultimate She-Ra!!!