Macrus Award Slut

Macrus Award Slut

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Life sucks

Usually I wouldnt say that but this time it does. I like to work with what I got and make the best of it but today I just cant. Sometimes it feels like I am faking it but honestly I dont even have the energy to do that. What tops it off is the fact that Spence aint here for me to cry on. I am having a hellious day and just hoping that it ends soon.

I finally found the right vechile for my family. I have only been looking for 8 months. If you are going to be paying on a something you better make sure you really want it right? Well I just happened across a minivan that was within my price range and had the miles on it we wanted. I cant afford a new one but a good used one is fine for me.

I went into the delarship this morning at 8:30. I really wanted to look at this van and talk to my buddy that worked there. He is a service manager so he knows what is happening with the cars around there. It was ok'ed and the thing drove great. Even has power everything. I loved the doors being powered. I would know that they are at least clsoed all the way no matter what.

Everything was going great until the money talk started. I do have bad credit and will the first to say so. I even told them so actually. It for sure took a bit out of my ass. No way was the word we got back from every credit place. I have the money and am payingoff the folks I owe. Even the finance person was wondering why. I understood and let it go. Still decided to go to my bank and try there though. Yeah the went as bad as the car place.

SO instead of me being a minivan mom I am still driving around a truck that I wonder how much longer I can egg it on. I have put over $500 into repairs on it within the last few months. I even get to take it back to my mechanic and get more done. It is bad when your mechanic calls your truck the blazer from hell??

On top of all this Mackers has been super fussy lately. I just am not making him happy during the day. I either dont feed or hold him enough. I am fine with just putting him down and letting him cry for awhile but there is a limit. I have already went past it and now am into furstated bout to pull my hair out phase. I need a break!! To bad spence wont be home until oh yeah the 31st. *banging head on wall*

I hope my mom is home tonight. I need to talk to her and maybe I'll get a hug. If not I am coming home and having a drink. I have some yummy Parrot Bay rum drinks that will do me just fine.