Macrus Award Slut

Macrus Award Slut

Friday, May 9, 2008


That is what I call my little guy. He makes this smacking sound when he is feeding so hence the name. Considering that the only thing I am doing right now is taking care of him and healing up that is what i am going to write about. In other words if you dont want to hear a new gushing over theri new kid run now.

Yes, Mac is my third kid but I swear I have never had a more content baby. Here is a perfect example, right now he is laying down beside me in his boppy sleeping. He knows I am beside him and that is enough for him. Sometimes he is just so relaxed we actually have to check to make sure he is breathing. Scary.

Today we started out with our morning feeding at 6. I was up anyway so no big. Plus the boy is letting me sleep during the night so yeah for me. Only have to feed him every 4 to 6 hours at night so I am lucky. After we feed he just sat on the couch with me watching sportscenter. Yes that is my kid for sure. He actually got mad cause I turned the channel to check on the weather.

Once the kids were gone he decided to take a morning nap. He got on the boob again and after getting nice and full he let go of me and laid back. I snuggled in with him thinking hey maybe I can get a nap. That would have worked but he of course had to go pee. Yeah the diaper was on but not tight enough. Pee came streaming out the front like a flood. UGH!!!

Well at least I can say he got a bath this morning. After that he has been feeling good. Nice and quiet, asleep in other words. Figure I have about 30 more minutes before feeding time. Which of course is his fav time. I can tell he is part Derek. He loves his booby and dont tell me he doesnt think it is his.

2 days ago Hubbie came over to ask me a question and of course give his boy a kiss. Mackers was well macking the boob. Derek leaned down to give him a kiss on the head and Mac stopped feeding looked at his daddy and pushed him away. He wouldnt start feeding again till daddy left the boobby area. Seems Mackers is very protective of his mobile milk bar. Just like his daddy, he loves the boobs.

Hopefully that made ya'll laugh. Mackers makes me laugh at least 2 or 3 times a day. I am just waiting for him to get older and see what he does. He may be quiet now but that dont mean nothing in this family. At one time I was quiet to.


Lex Valentine said...

It's always the quiet ones you gotta watch out for. I'm sure Mac is gonna be the terror in the family. I just got a feeling...

rxvenomqueen said...

LMAO...I agree with Wint. The quiet ones are the most surprising ones. Funny how you call him Mackers. I used to call Wyatt Smacky cos he used to smack his lips. Glad you and the fam are doing well and it was so nice yakkin on the phone with you again! :) We'll def. have to get a midget into the bar somehow! :)