Macrus Award Slut

Macrus Award Slut

Friday, May 23, 2008

Porn Name

Was finally getting time to check on all the spots I go to on the computer today. I was over at Katie Mac's site and she suggested a place to go for a laugh. My sense of humor is back now because of this wonderful suggestion.

Prime example is the delightful little pic at the top. is a funny ass place. Found a few cards that are just perfect for me to send out to my lovable bitches. You know who you are.
Winter I know you will appreciate the other one.
There are many more on the site. I laughed and yes downloaded some of them. I thought about dong it for my mom's b-day coming up but honestly she doesnt have my warped sense of humor. In other words I dont want to hear, "Mary Elizabeth, what were you thinking?" I hear that enough trust me.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Life sucks

Usually I wouldnt say that but this time it does. I like to work with what I got and make the best of it but today I just cant. Sometimes it feels like I am faking it but honestly I dont even have the energy to do that. What tops it off is the fact that Spence aint here for me to cry on. I am having a hellious day and just hoping that it ends soon.

I finally found the right vechile for my family. I have only been looking for 8 months. If you are going to be paying on a something you better make sure you really want it right? Well I just happened across a minivan that was within my price range and had the miles on it we wanted. I cant afford a new one but a good used one is fine for me.

I went into the delarship this morning at 8:30. I really wanted to look at this van and talk to my buddy that worked there. He is a service manager so he knows what is happening with the cars around there. It was ok'ed and the thing drove great. Even has power everything. I loved the doors being powered. I would know that they are at least clsoed all the way no matter what.

Everything was going great until the money talk started. I do have bad credit and will the first to say so. I even told them so actually. It for sure took a bit out of my ass. No way was the word we got back from every credit place. I have the money and am payingoff the folks I owe. Even the finance person was wondering why. I understood and let it go. Still decided to go to my bank and try there though. Yeah the went as bad as the car place.

SO instead of me being a minivan mom I am still driving around a truck that I wonder how much longer I can egg it on. I have put over $500 into repairs on it within the last few months. I even get to take it back to my mechanic and get more done. It is bad when your mechanic calls your truck the blazer from hell??

On top of all this Mackers has been super fussy lately. I just am not making him happy during the day. I either dont feed or hold him enough. I am fine with just putting him down and letting him cry for awhile but there is a limit. I have already went past it and now am into furstated bout to pull my hair out phase. I need a break!! To bad spence wont be home until oh yeah the 31st. *banging head on wall*

I hope my mom is home tonight. I need to talk to her and maybe I'll get a hug. If not I am coming home and having a drink. I have some yummy Parrot Bay rum drinks that will do me just fine.

Friday, May 16, 2008

My hubbie, the ass

Did you hear that?? Yes that is me sighing. Lord knows I love myhubbie but he is a huge ass sometimes. He is one of the smartest adn dumbest people I know.

Many of you know that hubbie is the national guard and has to be called away from time to time to serve. He is gone for his 2 weeks this month. 2 weeks of me in charge of everything around here. The office, kids and maintenance, all on me. Ugh.

This has been scheduled for awhile now. He knew he had to go but did he finish his work before he went.....HELL NO!! For 2 weeks prior to this I asked him if it was done. Reminding him that it needed to get done. His answer was it will. *looking at the stack of paperwork on desk* Freaking liar.

Now not only do I have to make sure the kids get everywhere they need to go, the empty apartment got cleaned and rented out, recertifications of leases done, grass mowed, baby taken care of, house cleaned, laundry done, food cooked, dishes cleaned, and basic maintenance of the apartments,I also have to recover from having Mackers. Nope got nothing to do.

So, Derek, if you are reading this, you are in a shit load of trouble. This summer is going to be hell on you and dont even think for one second you can complain about shit. You are going to be the babysitter, office worker, and basic bitch for me. The only perk you will get out of this summer is seeing your brother. You sure the hell arent getting any sex.

Friday, May 9, 2008


That is what I call my little guy. He makes this smacking sound when he is feeding so hence the name. Considering that the only thing I am doing right now is taking care of him and healing up that is what i am going to write about. In other words if you dont want to hear a new gushing over theri new kid run now.

Yes, Mac is my third kid but I swear I have never had a more content baby. Here is a perfect example, right now he is laying down beside me in his boppy sleeping. He knows I am beside him and that is enough for him. Sometimes he is just so relaxed we actually have to check to make sure he is breathing. Scary.

Today we started out with our morning feeding at 6. I was up anyway so no big. Plus the boy is letting me sleep during the night so yeah for me. Only have to feed him every 4 to 6 hours at night so I am lucky. After we feed he just sat on the couch with me watching sportscenter. Yes that is my kid for sure. He actually got mad cause I turned the channel to check on the weather.

Once the kids were gone he decided to take a morning nap. He got on the boob again and after getting nice and full he let go of me and laid back. I snuggled in with him thinking hey maybe I can get a nap. That would have worked but he of course had to go pee. Yeah the diaper was on but not tight enough. Pee came streaming out the front like a flood. UGH!!!

Well at least I can say he got a bath this morning. After that he has been feeling good. Nice and quiet, asleep in other words. Figure I have about 30 more minutes before feeding time. Which of course is his fav time. I can tell he is part Derek. He loves his booby and dont tell me he doesnt think it is his.

2 days ago Hubbie came over to ask me a question and of course give his boy a kiss. Mackers was well macking the boob. Derek leaned down to give him a kiss on the head and Mac stopped feeding looked at his daddy and pushed him away. He wouldnt start feeding again till daddy left the boobby area. Seems Mackers is very protective of his mobile milk bar. Just like his daddy, he loves the boobs.

Hopefully that made ya'll laugh. Mackers makes me laugh at least 2 or 3 times a day. I am just waiting for him to get older and see what he does. He may be quiet now but that dont mean nothing in this family. At one time I was quiet to.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Had the baby

Yeah that be the Mac baby. He cute huh? It feels weird having him beside me instead of in me. I used to have to calm him down so i could type. Now I have to make sure the binkie says in his mouth. Heck of a change.

Let me tell ya this baby is the one that if I wasnt getting fixed before I sure would now. Never again would I go through that. You couldnt pay me enough to either. We started out at 4 wednesday morning. Yeah I was actually awake that early. My mom was with me and had coffee going. I was in my room with that wonderful stupid gown on before 430.

My bigggest complaint at that time was how with all our wonderful medical advances can we not get a gown that is more comfortable. I dont know about you but I really dont want all the world to see my ass unless I want them to. That gown leaves no room for you to even try to keep it covered. Not like it makes that much of a differnce when you are getting checked out.

So anyway I am all hooked up to the stuff that gets you started. My mom is sitting there with me and we are just chilling out. Watching the news and talking. Things are starting to happen slowly so I am not really worried about anything yet. Hubbie was taking the kids to school. Once he showed up for some reason that is when the pain really kicked in. Does that sound funny to you to?

Thank god the doc came in when they really started to get bad. Plus Derek was really hating how much I was tweaking the hell out of his thumb. Poor guy, like i care. Problems started after he gave me pain shot though. The little guy's blood pressure started to drop low. The doc was of course worried but I told him no problems. I at least knew what was happening.

Little Mac started to work with us and everything was fine. Mainly as long as I stayed on my right side. Yeah I was worried but if these folks that had spent tons of money on getting the education to get this done right were right there watching me the whole time. I just kept breathing through it and holding onto Derek's hand.

Then the real pain kicked in. Oh wow, it sucked big time. Breathing was fine but I wanted my epidural. Dont think I didnt get it either once I started calling for it. I of course didnt kill him but I made sure he knew I was in real pain. Once I got that I relaxed majorly. Easy to do when you cant feel your lower half. Derek was happy about it to.

That is when the problem really got bad though. His pressure started going down and wouldnt come up. You could feel the tension just skyrocket among the doc and nurse. I knew what was happening then it was what came next that sucked.

I was rushed into the OR to get a c-section. I have never been more scared in my life. I just wanted to know more of what was happening. I can not deal with it if I dont know. One moment I was relaxing in the room the next I was spread out on a table getting asked if I felt sleepy and to just keep breathing the O2.

I was knocked out not to much after I asked what was happening. The nurse looked at me and told me not to worry everything would be fine. Ok I have been on drugs for awhile so somebody tell me how the hell I am supposed to know what is going on? The last thing I remember is her squeezing my hand and rubbing my head. Oh and me crying. I was scared shitless. Who wouldnt be?

I am told I was knocked out about 2 hours. All I can tell ya is I woke up and felt colder. Seems my little guy is a hell of a heater. They let my hubbie into the recovery room even though they werent supposed to. He told me exactly why I was operated on. It seems his cord had gotten wrapped around his poor little neck. No wonder I was rushed in there.

Now everything is fine and I have a very healthy eater on my hands. He is actually squeaking at me to feed him again. Only on a 2 hour roatation. My poor boobs are killing me. So I will leave you with one of the photos of my new kid I really like. Mac a winking at all you hotties.