Macrus Award Slut

Macrus Award Slut

Monday, November 10, 2008

Sick weekend

Yeah I was sick all weekend long. Well expect for saturday morning. After that I came home and that was it. I was in bed with trips to the bathroom in bewteen. I have actually slept so much that I have a headache.

Minus that this saturday morning was a good weekend. The girl scouts went to the Gaston Center here in the area and learned not only about water and why it is so important but also got to see a great site. A wonderful lady who is 82 and still travels around educated all of us about some birds of prey.

She had a beatiful Horned Owl named ET. The female bird was beatiful and made the girls very aware of how great they are to have. I didnt know that they loved to kill skunks. We even got to see her fly across the room. Just a great bird to see.

She also brought in a vulture. Yeah I thought they were ugly to but this one is a unique one. It is supposed to be the bird of Mexico but I guess they even agrue about that. It did a really cool thing to. When it yelled it threw it's head backwards. Like bent it backwards. Freaky as hell but what a cool trick.

The girl and us leaders learned alot. It also made me think how great it would have been if we would have one of those owl's out here and kill that skunk last week. m Instead the animal control guy decided why shot it let's run it over with my truck. Yeah smooth move ex-lax. It still stinks and that was thursday.