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Macrus Award Slut

Thursday, September 11, 2008

What can you do when the state cant find its ass with both hands?

I am at a breaking point here and wondering what in the hell I should do. I got a call form my doc saying something is just not right with my "womanly" part. They dont know for sure what it is and want me to come in for more tests. Oh yeah.
First, I do care for myself so none of you tell me to hurry up and get in there. I am working on it but cant really afford to go the doc. Second, I have tried to get help to pay for it. The answer, well you are to young. TO young to be sick???? WTF????
I am working on the financing part of this. The nice finance person says we can do payments with a certain amount up front. I am making the appointment this week so we will see what happens.
The part that really gets me is how I am to young to be getting help. Like you have to be over 40 to get cancer or something that else bad. Come on people that is government bullshit. I know I am not the only one that has had to put up with this but it really is getting under my skin.
I am just glad that I did not do what this person did though.....

Troubled teen left at Ark. governor’s office
By CHUCK BARTELS • Associated Press Writer • September 11, 2008

LITTLE ROCK -- A woman who worked at the mayor’s office in Jonesboro dropped off her 18-year-old “daughter” at the state Capitol in Little Rock along with a letter, telling Gov. Mike Beebe and his wife to take the girl in for a week.

Brenda Sipa had reached a point of desperation in trying to find care for the special-needs girl, who is the child of a relative, according to Sipa’s letter and people who have dealt with her on the matter.

Sipa regretted her act later in the day, but by the time she called the Capitol to say she had made a mistake, the girl had already been taken in by a local agency.

Authorities said Sipa drove from Jonesboro on Monday to leave the teenager with the governor. A Capitol Police officer saw the teenager wandering the halls in the middle of the day and asked if she needed help. The teenager replied that her mother had told her to deliver some papers to the governor’s office and that she was waiting for her to get back from shopping.

An officer called Sipa and told her to come pick up the young woman, but Sipa said she’d done all she could, according to a report by Capitol Police Chief Darrell Hedden.
Beebe spokesman Matt DeCample said staff members were familiar with Sipa’s difficulties and had tried to provide the family guidance.

“This was not the first time we had heard about this case,” DeCample said, but added that the governor himselve was not involved in the matter.
Hedden said in his report that Sipa wrote to Beebe that she had had increasing trouble caring for the teenager.

“She is all yours to try and figure out. All I ask is that you take her home with you for a week. You will see how sweet and innocent she can be,” Sipa wrote. But the letter said the teenager would also have bouts of difficult behavior.

Capitol Police officers brought the young woman to an assistance center in Little Rock on Monday afternoon.

Hedden said that after Sipa called from Jonesboro, he told her where the young woman had been taken and how to get in touch so she could bring her back home.
Jonesboro Mayor Doug Formon said Thursday that Sipa had been turned away by five or six agencies from which she sought help in the last year.

“There was always one thing that didn’t fit the puzzle just right,” Formon said. At least once, Sipa was told that she could get help if the young woman was 21 years old.
“I think it was basically the bureaucracy of it all” that led Sipa to Little Rock, Formon said. “She has tried 110 percent over the last year to get her placed somewhere.”
Formon said he’d spoken with Beebe and that the governor’s office had cut through some red tape and had placed the girl.

“Once it got to the governor’s office, they did take control of it. They are helping her now,” he said.

Beebe’s office didn’t offer details on where the girl was Thursday and a spokeswoman from the Arkansas Department of Human Services didn’t return a call for comment. Sipa didn’t respond to a call for comment.

Sipa was administrative assistant to the mayor but she submitted her resignation. Formon said he did not accept the resignation and that, after meeting with her Tuesday, he was trying to find a less stressful position for Sipa. In the meantime, she was on leave, he said.

WOW that is how you get someones damn attention. Maybe I should just stand naked out front of the state run office that I called and wait for someone to ask me what I was doing. Funny part I really think it wouldnt take that long and they would take my ass to jail.


Charlene said...

hey~~i am back finally

I can help with your doctor referrals

for several years i was a woman's advocate for women's health~~

shoot me an email if you want some
phone numbers and doctor names

I can help you out here
it was my job before I was a caretaker

it's the least I can do for all of the thoughts, prayers and comments
you have given me

and you are in arkansas
hope ya'll aren't getting hit
like we are

(in hospital in NLR)
I have the numbers and stuff that you need

Lex Valentine said...

Gah. Health care in this country sucks ass. I have insurance and i still can't afford to go to the doctor or get my meds. I'm tired of the stress from health issues too.