Macrus Award Slut

Macrus Award Slut

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

On my own

On my own..... Ok that the only line to the song I know. It is repeating over and over again in my head though. Basically I am putting blah, blah in the middle part. Just another thing for me to fret over and think about. Oh joy. Great now i have the happy, happy, joy, joy song in my head. At least I know Ren and Stimpy, you idiot.

Derek is in San Antoino right now learning which button to hit. 2 weeks of training so he knows which button to push to tell everyone else something is coming. Hell I should have become a radar operator. I could so do that. Proably go bat shit crazy within 2 hours though. TO much sitting around. My ass is big enough without adding to it like that.

Mac has been having some bad days lately. He got some bad gas bubbles that just wouldnt come out. I thought we had them out on Saturday but I was so wrong. Sunday I was almost to tears with the frusation. He was crying almost all day long. The 10 minute cat naps got real old real quick to. I of course called my mom and begged for help. After a little dose of gax relief he was fine. Went right to sleep the rest of the night. Ugh.

On top of that my middle child is being a shit. He just plays so hard that he doesnt want to come inside to go poop. I have washed way to many icky britches lately. I have decided I get grossed out boy you are going to get grossed out. He now cleans up the poop he leaves everywhere else. He is even starting to do his own laundry. I dont think he enjoys it as much. Tomorrow will be Yep already lost my mind so why not enjoy it. One day I just might find it but really doubt it.


Winter said...

Ahh poop. I remember those days. You'll find your mind eventually. When they all go off to the service or college.