Macrus Award Slut

Macrus Award Slut

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Halloween inspritation

It is that time of the year again. Time to dress up like something totally out there. Or you can dress up like you favortie person ever or even as well nothing. In my house this is a great time of year.

I have tried to make it fun for the kids. Every year I ask them to help me put decorations up and to figure out what everyone is going to dress up as. I think it gets them doing just that thinking. Use your imagination kids, later on in life that might be the one thing that makes you unique.

As you can see from my profile picture this uniqueness is even used on our pumpkins. I figure that is a great family photo for this time of year. It is a perfect representation of us all. Me looking at the kids like they better act good. Josh being evil, Liz beign Liz, Mac with his binky, and Spence being Spence. Cant at all tell which parnet the kids take after huh??

SO my challenge to each of you is to use your imagination. Get your kids involved and dont let them kill it. Just cause you grow up doesnt mean you have to get rid of that part of you. Just think if those guys that make the movies and books you love had given theirs up?? Sad thought huh.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

A god's view

You have got to believe in some higher power when you see a view like this.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Tempting fate

I am not the smartest person out there but I know not to tempt fate. I have a feeling this couples fate is going to be really unattractive.

Thou Shalt Not Steal may have been a better topic

FORT WORTH, Texas (AP) -- Authorities are looking for two people who allegedly stole a preacher's wallet and went on a shopping spree while he was giving a sermon about showing mercy to others.

The Rev. Rob Hamby was the guest preacher at Fort Worth Presbyterian Church on Sunday when his briefcase was stolen from the church office. Security cameras caught images of a man and woman.

"What troubles me is that they would go to the church, not for help but to steal. I am shocked and frustrated that these people did it. But more than anything, I feel kind of sorry for them," Hamby said in Monday's online edition of The Dallas Morning News.

The newspaper reported that about $2,000 in purchases were made on his credit and debit cards before he finished preaching, including the purchase of a $676 diamond ring. In addition to his wallet, Hamby's computer valued at $2,600 was taken.

Hamby, who works as a campus minister at Texas Christian University, said he could have understood if the thieves used his credit cards to buy essentials but not luxuries that they did not need.

I wonder what might just happen to this couple when fate or god decides to kick their ass? I just hope I am nowhere within a 50 mile radius of these dumbfucks.

Sunday, October 12, 2008


Yes it is that time again here in the Ozark Mountains....Turkey Trot!!!!
This fun 2 days of bands, food, crafty stuff, food, parade, and did I metion the food, is here again. I think this is the 86 or 87th year this has been going on.
I again got the privlige of walking in the parade with my girl scouts. I luv my girls so even though my knee was killing me and I was ready for a stiff drink after I enjoyed myself.

Of course the one part that I know some of my friends out there think is something out there and very funny is the throwing of the turkeys. Yes we hillbillies throw those turkeys out of one of them there plane things. If you catch it you gets to keep it.....FREE THANKSGIVING DINNER RIGHT THERE YA'LL!!!

As promised I got some pics for my buddy Winter of said throwing...I tried to catch one but it was a little to fast for me. Than the next one went on top of a building so that wasnt going to happen.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Time time time

I never seem to have enough but when I do have it I am to pooped to use it. Especially lately. I have been trying to take 4 classes but it is just not doing. I have to drop Physical Science. Not like I am not happy about this. I have no freaking clue what I was doing in that class anyway.

I did find out some good news though. I have 51 and half credit hours from all my previous attempts at college and the army. I had no clue that I had done that much work. I have the bill to prove it though.

Hopefully these means that I am closer to graduating than I thought. Even if it takes a year off of my time I would be happy. I really want to get out there and do the whole teaching thing. I also really want to coach a team my way. Plus, if I can get a job that makes me happy that is a bonus.

Guess we will have to see what happens there. I promised to get a video of the annual Turkey Trot dropping this weekend for my friends Winter and Shiny. I am working out those details now and promise to post them here for all to see. Hey maybe I will get more than 4 readers. Wouldnt that be something??

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Leader in training

Did you hear it again?? Yes that was me getting sucked intot he abyss called Girl Scouts. Dont get me wrong, I think it is an excellent organization that I am proud to be apart of. Teaches girls what some parnets forget to teach.

I am trying to teach my kid the right things. Respect yourself, you have a choice in what is done to you and what you do to others, a leader is something to be proud of and take seriously, you got to take care of what is around you, and treat others the way you want to be treated. So far it is working but she also is not the most popular kid. I would rather see her with a core group of kids that are good rather than have a bunch that are shits anyway.

Anyway, we went on a camping trip last weekend. First, my ass doesnt fit inside a sleeping bag like it used to. I was once able to do the nasty inside one during my army carrer. Now though only nasty I am doing inside of one is making certain noises out my ass.

Second, even though my ass is not a normal small size it still can hike with the best of them. They asked me to go on a little hike that was bout 1 and a little bit more long. I had been on the trail before and said hell yeah lets go. It has a great view at the end that is so worth the walk.

So I get my little camo bag out and put what I need in it. Knife, water, trail mix, flahslight, cell phone (I get all bars), camera, first aid kit, and more water. Off we go and right away I hear, "Are we on the trail yet?" There are woods all around us......No we are on the way to a freaking calm bake. I kept the smartassness inside and said yes.

We kept going and I swear I have never heard a bigger bunch of whinny kids in my life. I was proud of my daughter though. Not a word, she just kept trucking on. I was even going so slow that she was wondering what was wrong with me. I stopped 2 times so they could get pictures and take a drink. Pictures check, drink of water no. WTF!!!!

By the half mile marker they were ready to turn around. Hell I dont even think we hit the half mile marker. The other adults were like we better turn around now cause we have to make dinner and stuff. We made freaking hot dogs people. I started the fire to. So much for lead by example for these girls.

I guess I shouldnt bitch to much but come on. You can walk a fucking mile people!! I bet if we had been in a mall they would have walked my feet off. I know I am bitching but damn I really hate that the girls could not see the view of the damn from the top. Girl Scouts are supposed to want to take care of nature and see it to. If I am wrong than so be it but honestly I dont think I am.