Macrus Award Slut

Macrus Award Slut

Friday, March 21, 2008

Feel something right

While the title may sound like I am about to write about something sexy trust me I ma not. Even though after reading my girl's Winter guest blog that is on my mind, I ma going to write about what truly touches my heart. Get your mind out of the gutter butt girl.

Have you ever been a the point in your life where you look back and go what in the hell have I done with the time? I hit 30 and those thoughts started creeping in. Plus I had a big falling out with some ladies that I truly thought was good friends with. Not the first time I have been wrong.

I stopped and just thought about what exactly I was doing. Ok, I have to truthful, I didnt stop I jumped on my motorcylce and rode. Amazing how things become much clearer when you have the wind blowing thourgh your hair at 60. The things that came to mind had been there just waiting.

First thing is I was partying way to much. I am not 21 anymore. Plus the body could not handle going out and having way to good of a time and than waking up and just functioning period the next day. Another thing, it was taking way to much money to get me drunk to. When you have to spend almost a 100 a night on just yourself something is wrong. Dasmn irish/scottish blood.

Second, I had more fun just hanging out in someones backyard or by the lake with the whole family. My kids hated me going out even though they never said anything. We always came away from a day with everyone stronger. My kids know I love them more than life itself but sometimes you forget. You get so caught up in everything else that you just blank on the things that are important.

Third, I want to be more than just good time Mary. I want to be thought of as someone that helped others. I want to leave behind all the good things. I want not only my kids to show the world that their parnets raised them right but also the people I helped to show that. Now what exactly do I devot myself to that can help with that? Ahh yes, the one thing that has always been there for me no matter where I was, softball.

I have been playing this sport since I was 10. Almost 20 years of playing with different people in different places. I have played every position and seen things that have amazed me. I have even done things that amazed me. I love every minute of it. The losing, winning and even the pratices in 102 degree heat. I have a very big collection of old shirts from my old teams. They bring me memories and are great for yard work.

I am now starting to get into the coaching side. Not exactly what I imagned it would be but I do enjoy it. The girls for some reason even like me. It feels good to just see them playing together and winning. Even when we lose they know that we can do better and we will help them get there. It is a lot more rewarding than I thought it would be.

I guess what I am really trying to say here in my round about way is to remember what exactly you want to do with your life. You should remember that not only will it make it you happy but those around you could learn from it. Leave behind a good part of yourself.


Lex Valentine said...

Life is all about getting through it... and finding all the little small things that give you happiness and make you chuckle. It's like a big egg hunt. BTW, I have more hotties lined up for you. Hoppy Egg Weekend!

rxvenomqueen said...

Oh Mare Bear! *shakes head* Can't believe you were riding your chopper.
It's good to spend time with the fam but sometimes you need to have time for yourself. It's also good that you're reflecting, good way to improve yourself.
And on a final note, I'm sure you've done plenty of good things. I know there's one good thing you've done and that's that you've been such a good friend to me! (hugs!)